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How Online Exams Can Benefit Your School

Online learning has grown in demand ever since the pandemic, leading to widespread utilisation of online exams. Online exams have started to become a preferred method of assessment in both online and traditional learning environments. They provide various benefits for the learning process and learners when used appropriately within online learning programs.

There’s an increase in the rise of assessment per candidate. Examining a student is an integral part of any education system. With the advent of technology and an increase in the number of online users over time has leveraged the foundation of conducting exams online.

Administer Online Exams on students irrespective of their location or geographical restrictions. It is a great cost-effective solution while saving time and resources. The dependency on logistics, invigilators and other sorts of manual work gets eliminated. They don’t require travelling to a specific destination which saves money on transport and most of all let’s them take assessments from the safety of their homes.

Online exams provide comprehensive examination experience for both students and teachers alike. They are less laborious and overhead intensive examination experience since they automated and digitized the examination administration experience, while also ensuring greater flexibility and access for students.

Assessments significantly help in gauging students’ knowledge and improvising teaching methods for enhanced student learning.

Online Exams at MCB:

MyClassBoard’s educational assessment tool is the systematic process of assessing and documenting students’ learning for any given subject.

How it Works:

MyClassBoard’s Online Exams/Assessments tool conducts Summative and Formative Assessments in a time-based and a self-paced manner. Be equipped with a Central Question Bank which adds questions to the online assessments. Different question formats, and negative marking make learning more challenging and interesting. Students can upload an image of the written answer or just type the answer text along with pictures and web links. Instructors can give constructive feedback to the submitted answers using text and annotations.

The performance of the student is analysed and their weak points are analysed through a comprehensive generation of reports. The student’s monthly performance, performance at section level, class level, subject level, and question level are analysed. The students are provided with answer explanations in order to help them understand the concept and ways to improvise an answer from the results report.

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