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School ERP Software

Ten frequently asked questions about school ERP software

Ten frequently asked questions about school ERP software

Technology has swept most areas of our lives, and education is not untouched. On the contrary, technology has empowered education as per the era’s demands, right from new learning methods with Virtual reality and Augmented reality, gamification in lessons, video study materials, & online learning, etc.
Online learning allows students to study at their convenience from anywhere. It also supports schools to manage school curricula more efficiently without any lag. A school ERP software is a computer application that enables schools to automate their entire school activity to manage administrative and teaching activities efficiently.
Apart from teaching, schools have a tremendous load to handle hundreds of student data and organize school curricula and extracurricular activities. ERP software provides an extra hand to schools to boost their performance. It is an essential tool for schools to become smart schools.
Despite their increasing popularity, they are surrounded with questions and doubts that we wish to clear in this article. A clear direction and understanding will steer schools to make the right decision and choose the best ERP software for their schools.
Here is the list of ten most frequently asked questions about a school ERP software;
A school ERP software is designed to automate the entire school right from taking care of school administrative activities such as admission, student information, grade book, finance, transportation to planning classroom timetables, scheduling online classes and exams, automating communications, maintaining online study resources, and scheduling assignments to support teaching activities. School ERP application is designed to coordinate academic curriculum and administrative work to boost the best performance of schools.
Online learning is an essential feature of school ERP software. It allows schools to continue the necessary teaching and learning activity without interruption, even remotely. A new generation of school ERP software is designed to incorporate an online video conferencing application, the primary tool for online learning. When a school requires online classes, it can be activated for seamless video conferences.
As a school ERP software runs online, the entire school data is stored in a cloud supported by highly secured internet servers. A cloud location is a space on the internet network of the server to store computer application data, and it does not have physical hardware or site for storage. It provides the most reliable method to access information through the internet without the limitations of physical distances and boundaries. Cloud storage is protected with encrypted layers of security and provides the safest data protection mode.
A school ERP software is user-friendly designed while keeping in mind the target users involved in schooling activities and parents. It is equivalent to using many similar mobile or computer applications, which do not require significant technical expertise. An initial usage adapts the user to the interface very quickly.

A regular R&D is done to improvise the application to enrich it with features in the best user-friendly manner.

A school ERP software allows for maintaining a student’s entire journey in the school. The application is configured to complete automated steps of admission, fee collection, maintaining student records, scheduling classes and timetables, conducting online classes and exams, communicating with parents, and scheduling non-academic activities. Automation and error-free handling of school data save schools all the hassles of maintaining administrative records of hundreds of student’s administrative records and performing various steps in everyday schooling.
A school ERP software is enabled with analytical capabilities powered by AI and machine learning to analyze trends and changes to create reports that may help schools in decision making to improve student performance. In addition, one-click report creation and easy sharing with parents enable schools to keep constant vigil over student performance.
The latest school ERP software is infused with the advanced technology of AI and machine learning to present functions that support advanced teaching and learning and boost schools’ performances.
Most of the latest school ERP softwares are developed to include customizations as per schools’ usage and requirements. The software is even developed to accommodate future updates to improve its function and use as per changing needs of schools.

While choosing a school ERP software, it is best to keep a few points in mind, such as; A school should decide on using ERP and LMS or both. Do competitive research on the ERP software available in the market. Is it loaded with essential features like communication, admissions, online learning, finance, etc.? Does it support creative online learning resources or include an exhaustive content source? Where is the school data stored, and how is it secured from data thefts?

To understand the must-have features of a school ERP software, read our comprehensive guide to choosing the best ERP software for your school, which presents a list of features that a school should consider before purchasing.

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