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How payment gateways facilitate online fee collection & management

How payment gateways facilitate online fee collection & management

Collection of fees is a great challenge for schools and other educational institutions. Manual fee collection poses several challenges as schools need to dedicate professionals for the task, maintain manual logs of fee collection, plan the schedule for in-person fee deposits, and audit vast piles of documents for correct financial records. It seems like a lot that schools need to take care of apart from their primary work on academics.

Digitization of payments is a simple way to fix the complex process of school fee collection. It is secure, faster, trackable, accurate. A school fee collection software allows schools to hop on a digital payment ride conveniently. The revolution ushered by digital payment systems could help simplify the task of schools as it has done for hundreds of other businesses & people. Let’s understand how a payment gateway can facilitate online school fee collection and management and its benefits in a school fee collection software.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a payment transfer facility provided by a financial service application provider. For example, banks or private financial service providers could give these payment gateways. A payment gateway provides a common platform to connect several banks and different payment methods through its highest level of security.
The process involves not just transferring payments, but it also captures and transmits payment details to the merchant account, encrypts the credit cards and account details used for expenses, and also validates payment success or decline status.

Benefits of a payment gateway in an online school fee collection software

Payment gateways provide the users with the highest level of security, and all the sensitive transaction details are encrypted. Integration of a payment gateway in a school fee collection software extends the benefits of secure payment options to the parents and schools to receive the payments without any threat. In addition, a series of security protocols and procedures makes them a trusted platform to choose for transfer payments around the world.

As a payment gateway works online through an internet service, it allows payment transfer from anywhere. Therefore, it provides a hassle-free experience for parents to transfer their kids’ school fees anywhere. They can easily access the payment gateway from the school fee collection software. In addition, it saves a lot of hassle for schools as they need not schedule a specific time for fee collection as it is possible from anywhere.

One of the great benefits of digital payments is that it’s a way out of cash payments. Payment gateways make the cashless payment secure and authentic with lower chances of failure. These payment gateways are a great tool to integrate into a school fee collection software for a cashless amount transfer. The use of school fee collection software provides a convenient experience for parents to pay their wards school fees without running around to withdraw cash.

An instant payment receipt authenticates the payment transactions and builds trust for a reliable payment method. Digital receipts go a long way in cultivating users’ trust and help the schools automate one of the critical tasks to hand over fee receipts to parents. A payment gateway integrated into the school fee collection software takes care of the receipt generation.

Integrating a payment gateway into school fee collection software allows authorized persons to have access to exhaustive reports on transactions. Financial reports with a combination of parameters are easy to generate to keep track of the inflows and make an error-free audit. The entire process is automated, error-free, and secure.

Digital payments make way for faster transaction rates. So, school fee collection can be a more straightforward process compared to a complex manual process. A payment gateway integrated into school fee collection software is supported with high functioning servers that make the payment transfer in just a few hours. Faster payment processing makes it simple to create a clear account of all the inflow and outflow of amounts. As a payment gateway integrates with a school fee collection software, it expands the school’s capabilities to plan their finances without delay in payment processing. As the user data and credit card details can be stored safely in the payment gateway, it leads to faster processing at times of recurring payments adding to the usefulness of a payment gateway over manual payments.

The use of payment gateways has seen a lot of rewards coming to the users. It encourages them to make it their preferred choice of payment. Rewards can be in the form of coupons, cash back, gift vouchers which are beneficial for future transactions.


MyClassboard offers a robust school fee collection software integrated with industry leading payment gateways systems for faster, secure, and convenient transactions. Schools can use this facility for school fee collection, transport payment, or manage its expenses along with numerous benefits of a digital transaction.

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