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Reliable technological solutions for school’s every administrative and academic needs

Reliable technological solutions for schools every administrative and academic needs

“MyClassboard’s Transport and Finance software are extremely beneficial to schools. They are designed and updated from time to time to give value for our trust in their technology. Their Learning Management Software was very supportive during pandemic time. It's a trusted school ERP software and we recommend it for every school.”
Komala Krishna
Previous Dean of Janapriya High School

Educationist - Komala Krishna, Previous Dean of Janapriya High School

Komala Krishna is one of the oldest serving educationists in the last 30 years. She has extensive experience in education as she has served at various roles for uplifting education in our society. She had previously served as the Dean of a group of schools, while at Janapriya High School. She has been a witness to the transformations happening in education in our country and is actively vocal for the adoption of digital technology in learning. Her efforts to bring the best learning methods for continuous learning and progress is tremendous and inspiring.

A School with a Vision - Janapriya High School

Janapriya High School is the epitome of academic excellence in high school education. It offers both CBSE and SSC academic curricula to students and a multitude of elective learning options, supporting a student’s academic skills and extracurricular skills.
Janapriya High School was established with the vision of “Education for All” and has been a great initiator of digital and interactive learning to engage students fully. The school has been a great supporter of the holistic development of students. There have been many facilities for co-scholastic activities. It allowed students to express their creative talents and learn as per their learning requirements.
Janapriya High School has been an esteemed partner of MyClassboard, using its school enterprise management software for three long years. The school particularly had been a fan of Transport and Finance software, which had given them unwavering support since they started using the MCB software.

Transport software by MCB

The MCB school ERP, mobile apps, and GPS hardware, software, and systems are all closely integrated with the MyClassboard transport management system for efficient and functional transport software. Layers of security in MyClassboard networks and relays through the GPS tracking system, school ERP, and mobile app secure the connection. For consistent and dependable real-time position transmission, a GPS tracking device is fitted to the bus, or a mobile device sends its GPS location from within the bus. The central ERP software receives the GPS data from the school bus, which it then passes to associated mobile apps.

MyClassboard Transport Software is the best in its league, as it gives;

MCB Transport software has been designed with the best of technology, with the highest focus on student safety; in this regard, maintaining accuracy for live location every time the school bus is on the move is closely tracked.

School finance software by MCB

Payment digitization is a straightforward fix for the complicated procedure of collecting school fees. It is accurate, trackable, speedier, and secure. Schools can quickly board a digital payment ride with the help of a software program for collecting school fees. As a result, schools may benefit from the transformation of digital payment systems, just as countless other businesses & individuals have.

MyClassboard offers a user-friendly fee collection software to simplify the complex manual academic fee collection process for hundreds of students. It is handy software to maintain accurate records of bulk transactions and provides easy daily cash handling with clear reports.


MyClassboard is renowned for its technology that has addressed the concerns of schools for a decade. Advancement of schools to suit the requirement of the 21st is at the forefront of any development at MCB. Satisfaction with schools is an encouragement to serve with zeal to give the best that students deserve to shape their future.

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