Top 50 reasons to choose MyClassboard for your school ERP

Automate your school operations. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent communication.

MyClassboard has been awarded “Best School ERP” by Brainfeed in 2015.

MyClassboard is currently fostering its services in 3208+ schools across 200+ cities throughout India and also in UAE.

MyClassboard is SaaS-enabled school management software which is user-friendly and the applications are updated time to time.
The software can be accessed via a web browser from any device that is connected to the internet. You don’t have to install anything onto your computer.
MyClassboard cloud-based software for schools is easily customizable i.e., it is a tailored solution for all the school needs.
MyClassboard is user-friendly software for teachers and administration department that simplifies the administrative tasks to a great extent further contributing to the improved productivity of the institute.
MyClassboard has collaborated with major banks across the country and other online payment aggregators to allow parents to pay fees online without having to come to the school or college.
It has complete mobile application functionality for both Android and iOS versions enabling you to access all features from an application on your phone.
MyClassboard mobile app also allows multiple login IDs with customized dashboards for parents, teachers and students giving easy access to every information they need.
Staff payroll can be automatically generated by integrating the biometrics to HR & Payroll of the school.
Using the GPS tracking software, parents and management can assess the location of the bus and the activity hours. Parents can use the tracking app to monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which the child is traveling.
Cloud computing gives you greater security because your data is stored in the cloud. In the case of system failure or disaster, you can still access the data as it is stored in web servers with high-level encryption.
Even under the worst conditions of a system crash, you no longer worry about losing the data as we backup our server several times a day and provide an instance to offline storage.
Implementation of MyClassboard software solution is not a lengthy or a heavy process, just 3-4 days. No need to setup or install any hardware or software.
ERP software connects all departments and campuses in a single integrated platform.
A school ERP software maintains and organizes all the information systematically so that you can easily track the data and you would not waste time in taking it.
Our school management software maintains the records of each student; it keeps a track of all the activities of every single student starting from admissions to transfer certificates.
MyClassboard system allows users to track and catalogue details of enquiries, applications from parents or guardians with their contact details.
Manages the student attendance by maintaining session-wise or class-wise attendance as per the need of the school.
SMS integration helps in sending messages to all parents alerting them with respect to student’s attendance, fee payment, events etc.
The mobile app for parents grants an up-to-date view of the children’s school life to the parents and keeps them in the loop.
An exclusively designed mobile app for teachers to enhance communication between teachers and parents in a modern and user-friendly way.
Biometric integration system automatically calculates the attendance of students and eases the pressure to calculate the payroll for the employees or teachers.
MyClassboard enables you to evaluate the performance of either a single student or group of students with ease.
Our school software is an industry first in being compatible with both laser printers and dot matrix printers enabling you to use your existing print technology and not having to invest again.
An inbuilt parent-teacher communication tool that works along the lines of a traditional email service but completely cut off from communications from World Wide Web.
The teacher can enter the class diary directly using the school mobile app for teachers which is also made available in the parent mobile app to access the same information.
Our school grading software does automatic grade calculation based on your preferred grading scale.
MyClassboard fully incorporates all the latest CCE guidelines from CBSE. You can now upload marks for Summative Assessments & Formative Assessments with relative ease.
The entire data of every single student is made available for the ease of verifying, modifying or updating. A complete student lifecycle management system for your school.
Manage leaves, automate leave requests, track employee leaves and automatically generate salaries.
MyClassboard is designed and tested to not only deliver promised results for just one school at a time but also all the branches and groups of institutions.
Our R&D team is always on the lookout for enriching features that will help schools/college.
MyClassboard incorporates custom data import tools in its software solution for easy migration of data from your existing software into MyClassboard.
We will host your school website and also maintain the same if you choose.
Easily recover lost passwords or simply change your passwords from time to time for complete security.
Separate login IDs and passwords to your entire staff (teaching and non-teaching) ensures that the entire operation is automated and seamless.
An all-in-one student enrolment software solution for student enrolments. Automate your school’s admission process with MyClassboard
Manage bus routes and stops, student transport data, transport attendance, transport expenses, GPS tracking and vehicle details up to date.
Maintain information on the human resource like staff recruitment, payroll management, staff leaves management, salary generation, etc.
Maintain a complete record of books issued and returned, purchases, vendors, publishers, damaged books, lost books and books catalogues as per your wish.
Manage all your student examinations, grades, report cards, behaviour record, extra-curricular activities record, achievements record & customize student report cards using MyClassboard
School Communication Software offers a powerful communication platform for schools to strengthen school communication and improve parent engagement.
MyClassboard software best suits schools affiliated to multiple boards of education, such as CBSE, ICSE, IB, SSC and also IGCSE.
Our software can be integrated with your school website enabling parents to visit your school website and login directly.
Our school management system can be integrated with your email setup so that all your email communications can be made directly from our software.
Use our chat tool in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you can contact our technical assistance team and get your queries answered over chat without any hassle. Try it now!
A senior technical assistance can be sent to your location to help ease you into the usage of the software and to provide any training or clarifications you wish.

Our technical assistance team is only a phone call away on 7353950600 for your support. Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing our product contact us on +91 9618822255.

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