5 ERP Implementation Tips for Schools

Although there are many school management software available in the market, many schools are now looking towards school ERP software. ERP implementation for schools can help the institute to benefit from higher levels of efficiency and performance. Here are few ERP implementation tips for schools.


Data migration

End-users role



Vision: “Where there is no vision, there is no hope,” according to the saying every school should have a vision of adopting school ERP software to reap benefits from it. The school management should not view it as an expense rather an investment for great future. ERP helps in improving effective communication between students, parents, and teachers. Online meetings and video conference meetings between staff and parents save fuel cost and also travel time. School ERP software is user-friendly, web-based, customizable and secure. Hence it is very important for educational institutes to educate the management staff on school ERP implementation as it can be seen as a productive tool.

Data migration: The next step in ERP Implementation for Schools is the data migration. It is very crucial for the management to decide on what data should be uploaded in the database system. Not all the data can be included as there might be some outdated information. So it is important to have a scan of the information that needs to be uploaded for the future use.

End-users role: The crucial step that decides the progress of the successful school ERP implementation is the role of end-users. All the teachers, technical and non-technical staff must know how to use the school ERP and utilize it to the fullest. So, proper training should be given to the staff and the end-users handling the ERP project for its successful implementation. Many schools just do not use the ERP software after purchase. In some cases, school staff does not wish to adopt the software technology. They even change their manual methods of record keeping. Hence it is necessary to recruit and maintain capable staff to carry out the process in a much better way.

Motivation: Every job or employee needs the motivation to excel in his work or workplace. The same applies here as well. If the management handling the ERP software is kept motivated, the entire purpose of ERP usage is kept alive. The staff should be motivated in terms of efficient usage of ERP software hence contributing to the individual performance, successful implementation of ERP in schools and also the productivity of the organization.

Benefits: With the implementation of ERP in schools, automated students attendance becomes very easy. Computerized management of exams, marks and grades, Timetable management, Creating and assigning students assignments online and sending subject notes to students online is made very easy and accessible.  Advance information on school events, news, holidays, instant feedback on children performance and other information is accessible. This software helps in customization requirements of the organization when needed. With the above benefits that a school can avail the fact cannot be denied that ERP Implementation for Schools is truly a breakthrough.

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