Fee Collections

Make your job super-easy with our fee collection software, where you can create customized fee collection structure, categorize payments and get collection reports.

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Fee Collections Features

Dynamic Fee Plans

Avail the possibility of integrating your various fee structures across classes into a centralized Fee Collection tool.

School payment system

Service Based Fees

Charges for facilities provided based on specific serviceable timetables can be also charged separately, for example, a student opting not to use library services for one month can simply opt out of the particular service for a predefined period and he/she will not be charged for the same for that period.

Fee Management in myclassboard School Management System

Miscellaneous Fees

All the miscellaneous services provided by the school is also an added cost to the institute and needs to be maintained in a central location. Fee Collection tool powered by MyClassboard is a central location to update and track all costs involved in such utilities.

Transport fee management software

Transport Fee

Transportation provided to students and staff can be charged accordingly and our FeeCollection tool will help you in managing the accounts for such charges with ease.

School accounting software

Multiple fee accounts

Multiple auditable accounts can be maintained for each organisation enabling you to oversee all the accounts effectively and ensure transparency to financial auditors.

Fee collection tool

Staff Concessions

Schools are often approached by their employees wanting to get admission secured for their children in the same school and requesting concession for the same, this is a widely held practice in many institutions and our Fee Collection Tool makes tracking all such concessions highly simple.

School payment system

Student Concessions

Parents with more than one child in the household often try to get all the siblings as well admitted in the same school and they often expect and intimate the school regarding concessions or discounts that they can avail. All such requests can be handled in predefined protocols.

Online fee management software

Approval Process

A predefined approval process for any concession can be customized into the Fee Collection tool allowing all the concessions being offered to parents to be approved by corresponding authority making sure that unauthorized fee concessions are discouraged.


All fee related discounts and concessions are calculated and allotted automatically in our Fee Counter tool.

Custom Fee Receipt

Avail the possibility of integrating your various fee structures across classes into a centralized Fee Collection tool.

Dynamic fee collection reports

Dynamic Receipt Numbering

Based on your preference our Fee Collection tool can use automated receipt numbers or use the receipt numbers already printed on your preferred stationary.

Pay fee online

Hardware Compatibility

Our Fee Collection tool is industry first in being compatible with both laser printers and dot matrix printer enabling you to use your existing print technology and not having to invest again.

Multiple fee account management softeare

Multi Account

Multiple account holding organisations for the purpose of simplified auditing can generate all the fee receipts and collate them on the basis of the account.

Bulk receipt printing tool

Bulk Receipt Printing

Fee receipt generation during audits need not be a hassle anymore as our Fee Collection tool can easily generate and print all fee receipts in bulk mode.

Multiple Payment Modes

Digital Technology allows you to attract parents with the comfort of paying fees at their convenience using any of the possible listed avenues with minimum charges levied to the school/college.


online fee payent software

school online payments

Cashless fee payment

Pay school fee online

School online payment

School finanance management app

Generate fee projection reports

Fee Projection Reports

Generate reports giving insight into expected incomes from admissions and fees collected using our fee projection reports.

print daily collection reports

Daily Collection Reports

The income collection for the entire day can be categorized and printed out with simple notations in the form of daily collection reports.

Generate financial reports

Categoric Reports

All incoming financial transactions can be labelled with the appropriate name so as to enable the generation and printing of cataloged financial reports.

Print class wise reports

Class Wise Reporting

All financial transactions can be tabulated into fees collected from students of various classes making it very easy to generate and print class wise fee reports.

Collections Reporting

Our Fee Collection Tool lets you generate detailed and in-depth reports using various parameters.

Expense Management

Easily manage and keep track of all other financial transactions related to your institution.

Fee collection Software

Transport Expenses

All expenses reported by transport team can be collated into a central location in the Fee Collection Tool for reporting alongside with income to justify the expenditure.

Track expenses by fee collection tool

Petty Cash

Trivial yet inexcusable expenses can also be tracked and justified using our Fee Collection tool.

Keep track of voucher generation

Voucher Generation

All income and expense transactions can be kept track of using vouchers being counter signed by the appropriate authorities.

Entire institution financial budgeting


Financial budgeting for your entire institution can be done with relative ease using our Fee Collection tool as all income and expenditure will have been captured in the tool categorically.

Collection of fines and dues in period wise

Period Wise

All fines and dues for a particular period can be collated and collected in this format. The information can also be exported in excel format to facilitate ease of distribution to collection teams.

Collection of fines and dues in day wise

Day Wise

Dues & Fines generated for that particular day can easily be tracked to the defaulters and a quick follow up with them will result in payments.

Collection teams management

Defaulter List

All accounts with fees defaulted can be cataloged and categorized accordingly with relative ease to get better results from the collections teams.

Dues & Fines

Dues & fines on fee defaulting can be tracked and collected with relative easy in customization format basis in our Fee Collection tool.

Bank Reconciliation

Have a detailed ledger of all the incoming and outgoing financial transaction cataloged basis of your multiple accounts.

Multi accounting software

Multi Accounting

Institutes who maintain multiple bank accounts for the ease of auditing can implement the various bank accounts in the Fee Collection tool to facilitate ease of auditing and tracking of income and expenditure across all bank accounts with detailed ledgers.

Keep track of all deposits using software

Bank Deposits

Format all deposits in your banks on daily basis into your various accounts and keep track of all sources of these deposits for auditing purposes.

Transparency to all records


Clear records of all money collected, expended, deposited & in-hand to ensure alacrity of all funds received.

Automated sms from fee collection tool

Automated Due SMS

An automated SMS can be sent from our Fee Collection tool to the registered mobile phone numbers of the parents who have defaulted on school fees post due date.

Send fee payment sms trough fee collection tool

Fee Payment SMS

All successful receipt generation against fees collected is also associated with an automatic SMS generated for the registered mobile number intimating the parent regarding amount paid and date.

Send cheque bonus sms using fee collection tool

Cheque Bounce SMS

All parents who wish to pay the school fees via cheques can be intimated with automatic SMS from the Fee Collection if the cheque gets bounced for any reason.

Integrated SMS

Have a detailed ledger of all the incoming and outgoing financial transaction catalogued basis of your multiple accounts.

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  • The Fee collection Tool empowered by MyClassboard is a huge consolation to us. No longer working hours, no stress, no manual fee receipt generation and no paperwork. Thanks to MyClassboard for its smart services that pulled us out of the fee collection hassle by making it an entirely sober process. Fee collection and receipt generation is just a click away for us.

    Mrs. Neeta Kumar Sreenidhi International School
  • Using the several features of Fee Collection module commissioned MyClassboard, managing the financial department is done proficiently at our institute. Several components of the fee structure including fee payment, transport fee and other fee-related issues are being administered single-handedly. The fee collection software has made the entire fee collection process a hassle-free task for us saving our resources.

    Mr. Anurag Koushik Vidyashilp Academy
  • We have received a word of appreciation from our parents regarding the fee collection module of MyClassboard used at our school. Parents often express their acknowledgment with regard to the multiple payment modes available with easy access. Earlier, parents and school administration spent long hours for Fee payment and collection. After using the Fee collection software, no more standing in queues by parents and no countless hours spent by the school as well. We are very thankful to MyClassboard for their services that not only benefitted the administration but also our parents alike.

    Mrs. Suma Varshini Sri Krish International School
  • What could be told of this application! This is one such user-friendly application which can be accessed by everyone. We no longer have the issue of who could manage and handle the school administration processes as MyClassboard simplifies the entire work effectively. When you have MyClassboard, you already have the solution. There you go; the entire administration process is on the tip of your fingers. All credit to MyClassboard.

    Mrs. Supriya Jacinth Rockwell International School
  • Had it been the old practices of school administration, we would have ultimately ended up in darkness. Thanks to MyClassboard which enlightened our school management system allowing us to have a keen eye on all sectors of administration simultaneously. What else could anyone want?

    Mrs. Hasini Chandra Orchids The International School