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Complete Admissions Solution

Admissions Solutions

Omni Channel Enquiries

Keep track of all your enquiries and registrations and ensure that you do not miss out on any prospective admissions. Increase your admissions every year exponentially.
Student enrollment software

Web Based Enquiries

Our Admissions tool empowers parents to fill up your school enquiry form from the comfort of their homes and these forms are then collated centrally in our Admissions tool from where your school staff can reach out to prospective parents and convert these enquiries into admissions.

Admission software


Ensure your front office staff has all the right tools to deal with walk-in or call-in enquiries from parents and also collate all these enquiries in our centralized Admission tool so that no prospective admissions are missed out on.

Social media advertising

Social Media

Digital age has brought upon us the most effective sales tool known to man. In the form of Facebook and Google advertisements today you have unprecedented reach to the scores of parents out there who are looking for a school for their children. We have over time perfected the art of targeted advertising using which you can easily justify your advertising costs and at the same time upload all the enquiries generated from social media sources into our Admissions tool for easy follow-up.

Convert enquiry to admission


Enable your Public Relation Officers with customized logins to our centralized Admissions tool so that you can easily track their progress and ensure the best conversion from enquiry to admission.

Enrollment management software

Mid-Year Joining

A student joining in the middle of an academic year has special needs to be met by all departments from the school like the clerical staff, the admission staff, the teaching staff, etc. In order to make this transition for the student easy and also empower the staff to handle all the various tasks associated with such a case, we have inbuilt many features in our Admissions tool.

School enrollment software

Inter-Branch Transfers

We specialize in catering to schools with multiple branches. Transferring a student from one branch to another can be a major hassle, but we have integrated this special case in our Admissions tool and at the click of a button all the relevant academic and fee collection records are transferred from one branch of your institution to another.

Student registration software

Staff/Sibling Concessions

All schools are bogged down by requests from prospective parents for concessions citing various reasons, the most common being that they either work in the institute in some capacity or have another child already enrolled and so are entitled for a discount. This can be a good word-of-mouth publicity and many schools do offer such discounts proactively and so this has been integrated in our Admissions tool making it easy for you to track all such special cases.

Special Cases

Any admissions module is incomplete without privileges given to the staff to accommodate the various special cases that are experienced in any school/college. Over the years we have observed and learned all possible special cases and as such have incorporated these cases in our Admissions tool to facilitate your institution. Some of these special cases are:


The Admissions module powered by MyClassboard has a host of other features and benefits, some of these include –

School admission software

Online Applications Sale

Schools now-a-days charge a small fee for providing admission forms to parents to deter non-prospective admission forms being filled. Using our payment gateway systems integrated in our websites, you can very easily track the sale of these application forms and also generate revenue from the same.

Dynamic form creation tool

Dynamic Form Creator

We acknowledge the need for institution specific fields in any enquiry, registration and admission form and for this purpose we also include our Dynamic Form Creator along with the Admissions tool to enable you and your staff to build the forms as per the needs of your institution with ease.

Easy to use software


Our presence in this market over the last 8 years has given us a wealth of information in regards to all the various modules that are required in running a school and all the various small titbits that are appreciated by the staff that use our software. Using all this information we have been able to make our products the most User-Friendly in the market and this is not something we claim, but something our customers exclaim!

Application tracking system

Application Tracking and Reporting

We have built in a very sophisticated yet simple to understand tracking system to assist you and your staff to assess the stage at which any enquiry is currently being held. This will help you in generating reports for all the various stages of an Admission and make the entire process of admitting students to your institution very efficient.

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  • The Admission tool of MyClassboard has assisted us in many ways to increase the number of admissions into our school. It’s unique feature of placing enquiries by the prospective parents and the Follow-up tool has not only helped our school staff to convert those enquires into admissions but also helped the parents to know us better in terms of services and quality education we provide. Thanks to MyClassboard for its exclusive resources.

    Mr. Prabhath Segal Treamis world School
  • To be precise, the admission software has had an enduring effect on our school administration. In the beginning, mid-year admissions was truly a complicated and challenging task for our staff. With the use of Admission tool, this too has become as easy as having a piece of cake. Our staff can now relax and incorporate their precious time on nurturing and developing our student abilities than getting stuck with the admissions. Thank you MyClassboard.

    Mrs. Sumithra Raj Samashti International School
  • With the increasing requests for concessions from parents during admissions, there was much need for us of a module that helps us to maintain and manage a record of all the necessary information. The admission tool of MyClassboard has facilitated our school management to carry out the entire process with an expertise. We couldn’t be thankful enough for MyClassboard for its ultimate solution that helps our school to continue its momentum with regard to admissions.

    Mr. Narendra Gowtham Model Schools
  • Had it been the old practices of school administration, we would have ultimately ended up in darkness. Thanks to MyClassboard which enlightened our school management system allowing us to have a keen eye on all sectors of administration simultaneously. What else could anyone want?

    Mrs. Hasini Chandra Orchids The International School
  • It would certainly not be an exaggeration that MyClassboard has improved the productivity of our school. With its cost-effective, easy-to-use and user-friendly application we can answer all the queries, handle the admission process with ease and convert the prospective enquiries to admissions. Our school has witnessed an increase in the number of admissions compared to previous results.

    Mrs. Deepika Singh Delhi Public School