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MCB Admission Management software is a unique model of making the process of admissions smoother, quicker and satisfactory to both schools and parents. The tedious process which makes it even more complex by lot of manual work can now be handled with our hassle-free solution that helps the schools and parents to use digital technology to complete entire admissions process efficiently.

Transforming the complex process of admissions to a wonderful experience of beginning

Admissions Solutions

Omni Channel Enquiries

Increase your admissions every year exponentially using MCB Smartschool software. Keep track of all your enquiries and registrations and ensure that you do not miss out on any lead which could be a prospective admissions.

Offline enquiry

Generally, a walk-in parent to the school administration office, sign of a potential prospect. We provide the right tools to deal with walk-in or call-in enquiries and also collate all these enquiries in our centralized student admission application so that no prospective parent is missed out.

Web based enquiry

We help the parents to search from hundreds of schools and select the preferred school website to fill the web enquiry form from the comfort of their homes. Upon form submission, email notifications are sent to the parents and schools admin. These forms are collated centrally in our Admissions tool from where the admin staff from the school can reach out to the prospective parents and convert these enquires to admissions.

Enquiry code

The unique code-based enquiry generation helps the school admin to pull-up complete data of the number of enquiries made through web or walk-in using the specific code for each type of enquiry. A Web enquiry starts with W and a walk-in enquiry with B and if a parent is taking admission for younger son or daughter in the same school, a Sibling enquiry code that starts with S is generated.

Enquiry follow up

A professional way of handling follow-ups is made simple with our software and the status can be updated quite easily by entering information into respective fields. Follow up interaction between parents and front office person can be recorded clearly including the date, time response, remarks etc. Notifications and reminders can be sent to the parent through SMS or email regarding further steps in the process of taking the application ahead.

Application Process

Our software guides the school staff to easily collect the data during the process of enquiry, follow-up enquiries and initiate Application process. Schools now-a-days charge a small fee for providing admission forms to parents to deter non-prospective admission forms being filled. Using our payment gateway systems integrated in our websites, you can very easily track the sale of these application forms.

Web Application

MCB facilitates the parent to directly pay the application fee for a particular school to admit their ward by filling complete details in the application form specified in the web portal without any physical visit to the school. An email notification is sent to the parent and the school and the filled application can also be directly downloaded by the parent easily from the downloadable link provided after the process of application.

Offline Application

As the parent visits the schools for the application form, the office staff can capture the data easily using specific form and collect the fee based on the mode of payment. The application is filled and submitted easily and the notification is sent to the parent through SMS and email.

Report generation

MCB makes it simple to generate and downloaded several reports at any stage of enquiry to realize the number of enquiries, source of enquiry or the channels of enquiry such as newspapers, advertisements, referrals and so on. The colour code provides the status of the enquiry at different stages and follow-up action. Our software avoids duplication of data and has options of downloading the data using several filters that makes the process much easier.

Social Media Support

Using the most efficient digital marketing platform you can have unprecedented reach to scores of parents out there who can be your potential prospect looking for a school for their children. Our strategy helps you generate a greater number of leads, justifying your advertising costs and at the same time upload all the enquiries generated from social media sources into our Admissions tool for easy follow-up.

Pre-admission Exam & Registrations

After receiving applications, the software enables the Admissions Officer to group students, schedule the exams, conduct the exams and declare the results. Notifications can be sent to parents via SMS and emails for further process of Registration.


A school can go directly to the admission after the pre-admission test status or few schools may have the registration process as a mandate. In such case our software comes handy for filling the details automatically by submitting the student code and data which provides the required details like student details, application details, qualified for registration or not including the marks.

Registration Fee Collection

There can be a registration fee incurred while filling the registration form for a few schools. This fee can be collected online via bank transfer, credit card or other modes of transfer or can be collected by the front office person in administration. In any case the fee can be collected and details can be recorded in the prescribed format so that it can be uploaded easily in the software. After submission of the form and completing the process of paying the fee, a parent will get notification via SMS and email. Simultaneously, notification email is also sent to the school admin.

Admission Status

Every parent obviously is anxious to know the status of the Pre-admission Exam. MCB enables the school admin to update pre-admission exam details in a prescribed format and the status of admission can be intimated via notifications to parents by providing the pre-admission exam report.

Admission form

Admission can be started after completing Registration or even during the enquiry process, as it deems fit to the school process. All the important student details can be entered and important documents can be uploaded. Successful admission generates an enrolment code and notifications are sent. Student & Parent Login’s are generated separately and the username and password is provided through mail.

Special Cases

Any admissions module is incomplete without privileges given to the staff to accommodate the various special cases that are experienced in any school/college. Over the years we have observed and learned all possible special cases and as such have incorporated these cases in our student enrolment application to facilitate your institution. Some of these special cases are:

Inter-Branch Transfers

We specialize in catering to schools with multiple branches. Transferring a student from one branch to another can be a major hassle, but we have integrated this special case in our Admissions management tool and at the click of a button all the relevant academic and fee collection records are transferred from one branch of your institution to another.

Mid-Year Joining

A student joining in the middle of an academic year has special needs to be met by all departments from the school like the clerical staff, the admission staff, the teaching staff, etc. In order to make this transition for the student easy and also empower the staff to handle all the various tasks associated with such a case, we have inbuilt many features in our school Admissions software.

Staff/Sibling Concessions

All schools are bogged down by requests from prospective parents for concessions citing various reasons, the most common being that they either work in the institute in some capacity or have another child already enrolled and so are entitled for a discount. This can be a good word-of-mouth publicity and many schools do offer such discounts proactively and so this has been integrated in our Admissions management software making it easy for you to track all such special cases.

Host of Benefits

The Admissions module powered by Myclassboard has a host of other features & benefits that can make your tasks much efficient & simple.

User friendly software

Our presence in this market over the last 8 years has given us a wealth of information in regards to all the various modules that are required in running a school and all the various small titbits that are appreciated by the staff that use our software. Using all this information we have been able to make our products the most User-Friendly in the market and this is not something we claim, but something our customers exclaim!

Online Applications Sale

Schools now-a-days charge a small fee for providing admission forms to parents to deter non-prospective admission forms being filled. Using our payment gateway systems integrated in our websites, you can very easily track the sale of these application forms and also generate revenue from the same.

Dynamic form Creator

We acknowledge the need for institution specific fields in any enquiry, registration and admission form and for this purpose we also include our Dynamic Form Creator along with the Admissions tool to enable you and your staff to build the forms as per the needs of your institution with ease.

Application Tracking & Reporting

We have built in a very sophisticated yet simple to understand tracking system to assist you and your staff to assess the stage at which any enquiry is currently being held. This will help you in generating reports for all the various stages of an Admission and make the entire process of admitting students to your institution very efficient.

Team Benefits

MCB Admissions module offers specific role-based advantages & benefits to your school Front office executive, Administrator, Accountant, Admission Officer & your PRO.

Front Office Executive

Enhanced capability to handle enquiries, issue registration forms and kick start the process of admission to the Institute.


Gets authorised access to the entire software’s centralized dashboard empowering them to generate customized reports based on various parameters like location, source of enquiry etc for effective streamlining of the entire process of admissions.

Admission Officer

The Admissions Officer who drives the entire process will now have all the tools handy to collate data, generate multiple reports, publish day-wise reports, assign tasks and much more right from the App.


Quickly & easily keep track of all enquiries and registrations either offline or online and plan efficiently to handle admission process for maximum conversion.

Public Relations Officer

During the rush hour of admissions, MCB offers an add-on service to provide your Public Relations Officer access to the software for updating information & details of tasks they are responsible.

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