CBSE School Fee Software ERP System
It has not been much time since the CBSE board had advised all its affiliated schools to go cashless in terms of fee collection starting from January 2017. In a circular issued on December 10, 2016, the board directed all CBSE-affiliated schools to collect fees only through online or non-cash modes.
Following this mandate, the CBSE schools have decided to take the path of digital transactions by imbibing technology to their systems. To cater the need, every school is looking forward to a school fee software that integrates online fee payment gateway or net-banking in the schools.
With the increasing demand for online fee payment gateways in many schools, MyClassboard comes up with its best-in-class school fee software using which the fee collection job can be made super-easy. This Fee Collection tool drafted by MyClassboard is an exemplary software that administers the fee collection and financial management of any school effortlessly.
The several modules inculcated in the school fee software helps the school administration to easily manage and keep track of all financial transactions related to the institution apart from fee collection. Be it the transport expenses, petty cash, financial budgeting for the institution or income and expense transactions, everything will be easily managed by various modules of this software.
The school fee software customized by MyClassboard offers multiple payment modes for paying fees. Mode of Payment section is displayed on the screen with different options like payment through cheque, debit card, credit card, internet banking using which parents can pay the fee. Integration of MyClassboard with Atom gateway, helps the parents to simply opt for digital payment which directs them to a payment gateway to pay their fee.
MyClassboard has also integrated with Paytm gateway payment and pilots Paytm Wallet to parents that enables them to pay the fee. The serious advantage of these payment gateway integrations is that this digital technology allows the schools to attract parents with the comfort of paying fees at their convenience using any of the online payment modes. Moreover,
the transaction is instantaneous and the money will be credited to the school within no time and it also assures the parents of safe and secure transactions from anywhere.
School fee software is a cost-effective and easy-to-use software that relieves the pressure on school management and parents. Its SMS-integrated service alerts the parents with a text to their cell phones or a notification through mail regarding the fee payment and due payments weekly. It also provides the parents with customized reports of fee payment, concession report and cash flow report when needed.
With a vision for digital transactions, MyClassboard had already piloted the services in its template which would ease the burden on school management and parents.If you too have the vision to shift your finances to the digital medium and wondering how to do it, we have a solution for you. MyClassboard, familiar for the online fee payment module incorporated in its software, is an end to your quest of best fee management software. Try it for free and know it for yourself.
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