MyClassboard Customer Success Stories – Class Dairy in Orchids Schools
International School was a true feather in the cap for MyClassboard. Together we set off on a maiden voyage that would see a lot of practices questioned and challenged and out of this tug of war emerged a new schema of school maintenance and the feature that stands out of all the new age decisions that we collectively took is to completely eradicate the concept of a “School Diary”
We could succeed in our mission by integrating a Digital Diary module in our software. All our efforts were finally paid off with Orchids reciprocating to our added feature and incorporating it to its institution. The MyClassboard digital Diary is the replica of a school diary but the only distinction is that it is an online concept.
Moving ahead with rendering our unique services to Orchids Schools, there was a demand for the mobile app from our companion’s end for easy and frequent communication between class teachers and parents. Identifying it as the need of the hour for any international school like Orchids, we started working on the same and developed a mobile app that can be accessed by both teachers and parents with unique IDs.
This school communicator app built a transparency between teachers and parents by building a strong platform for interaction. All the announcements, class assignments, events and other important notices were manifested in the app by the teachers enabling accessibility to parents with relative ease.
The appropriateness and relevance of our work built a trust in Orchids that they wouldn’t be wanted any other to rely on. Taking our journey an extra mile, there was another feature that our associate sought from us to be included in their application.
Standing distinctive and extraordinary from the peers’ was this feature that facilitates students to submit their assignments online during holidays. Students can submit their assignments online whenever they are done making it easy for teachers to do the correction part. This cultivates the practice of avoiding collection of assignments in bulk and correcting them.
Captivated by the work, our relation grew much stronger that it motivated us to develop a feature that complements our endeavor and relation together. We worked on a common landscape page to deliver the notices or important announcements to the desired group or an individual or entire institute. Ever since the introduction of the above module, it drew the attention of many parents and also other schools to have it incorporated at their institutions as well.
The success story that we would like to proclaim from Orchids schools is the appreciation the school received from its parents. All the parents associated with Orchids hailed the school for its extraordinary and exclusive services rendered through MyClassboard. What else could we need than to hear praises from our companions and their associates publicizing our endeavors and promoting our existence?
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