Learning Management System

What is a Learning Management System?

Learning Management System, also known as LMS, is used to deliver, organise and monitor learning—all on a single platform. LMS is a convenient platform to deploy learning using a repository of resources while tracking student progress.
Think of learning management software as a tool that makes learning more engaging, persuasive, trackable and cost-effective. The most basic LMS helps administrators perform the core functions of uploading learning content, delivering lessons and keeping track of student progress.
What is a Learning Management System_

How is LMS Helpful?

A Learning Management System can cater to diverse learning needs. Educational institutions and organisations delivering e-learning courses use LMS to facilitate access to learning resources ranging from interactive video lessons, written materials to recorded lectures.
A good LMS is feature-rich, easy for users to access and navigate to encourage users to participate. The LMS usability should align with the faculty’s and learners’ skill sets.
How is LMS Helpful

LMS Features

Today, Learning Management tools that are available have distinct features catering to diverse segments of the user population. For instance, LMS for organisations functions vastly different from the one used for educational institutions.
An online learning management system can provide remarkable features as well as cut costs. It’s crucial for educational institutions to thoroughly understand what an LMS offers and then choose one with required e-learning software features for the school’s long-term needs.
Primary LMS features for schools include:
Primary LMS features for schools

Benefits of Learning Management
Systems Software:

Integrating a learning management solution can provide multiple benefits to your institution. The focus is to ensure all learners attend classes, complete lessons and attempt assessments to analyse their performance.
Skill Development
Skill Development :

Students get to develop skills outside of the classroom in an engaging way.

Flexible learning pathways:
Flexible learning pathways :

Ability to set-up unique e-learning pathways for students

Use a variety of learning resources
Use a variety of learning resources :

Bringing together learning materials ranging from video lessons, written materials to user-shared materials

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Network seamlessly :

Collaboration with peers to share content resources or improve subject understanding

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Analyse learning patterns :

Analytics that give individual progress reports as proof of knowledge

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Learning on the go :

Learn outside the classroom 24/7, at a comfortable time, place and pace


These are some of the key features to keep in mind while picking your ideal LMS. MCB’s Learning Management System provides schools with a Content Bank to refer to learn about a subject or topic. Learning League helps students and parents to collaborate with peers and discuss a subject. Instructors can deliver Online Classes, give Online Assignments and conduct Online Exams on our centralised learning management platform.
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