School Library Software

Maintain books efficiently in your library, track the books that are issued and returned,
manage and track all library related activities with our school library management software.




Without libraries what have we ?
We have no past and no future !

Library management software

Repository of book

A library is the heart and soul of a school. Complete information of all the books found in the library can be collated and updated into the library database software powered by MyClassboard. It enables the students and librarians to manage and peruse the information available effectively.

Library system software

Unique ID

Each single book or journal in the library is given a unique ID using which you can access and issue the books available. This further helps in keeping a track of books issued and received by the students or teachers. Timely reports can be generated to reach out to borrowers and retrieve the books with our online library software.

Digital library software

Bar Code Scanner

Keeping a track of the books and their availability is a chore for any library management system. The barcode scanner integration helps in checking the availability of books, issuing books, returning books or adding any new book using the unique ID on every book. Barcode scanner integration helps in managing books of educational institute easily and effectively.

Library catalog software


A complete list of contents of the library is systematically arranged providing easy access to students and teachers using our library cataloging software. Using the barcode scanner, pertinent information for the cataloged books is obtained without manual entry. The various books in the library will be classified and indexed for easy accessibility to students with our library manager software.