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7 Ways Information Technology is Changing Education

Technology has become a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. There is no day in this present age when technology is not used. Starting a day with technology and ending it by one, technology has been used in some or the other form these days. Extending its roots to the educational field, technology had its own impact in changing the perception of learning. From traditional classroom teaching to modern teaching, information technology in education has transformed the educational system by giving it a global platform. With the emerging evolution in the educational system, technology made it obvious for schools to embrace technology in teaching for better learning and teaching process. Here are the ways of how information technology is changing education.

Easy access to information

Multimedia learning

Mobile learning



Technology for special students

Student-teacher interaction

  • Easy access to information: Information technology provides easy access to information to students within or outside the class. Long gone are the days when teachers instructed students on information using textbooks. Using information technology, students can obtain required information from the internet and beyond need. This gives a scope for the students to improve their performance levels by conducting research on information. After tablets and laptops replaced textbooks, learning has become more interesting for students by motivating them to get intrigued and more involved in the subject.
  • Multimedia learning: This is a global platform that made education cross geographical boundaries. Online courses and education based websites gave education a different dimension. Multimedia learning includes learning through videos, audios, and games that help in developing the observational skills of students. Online learning resources help students to gather and gain information without the involvement of teachers physically. Multimedia learning provides students a solid ground to share the post and discuss their ideas that develop the interaction skills of students.
  • Mobile learning: Mobile learning is yet another school information technology module for effective learning which extends education beyond classroom walls. Mobile classroom technology connects students to other students or classrooms through skype or video conferences to share knowledge and information with each other. A large number of mobile-based educational applications are also available that enable students to participate in experimental learning.
  • E-books: With classrooms getting digitalized e-books have become the recent trend. Online libraries make informative content easy to access, research and also help students to get in-depth knowledge of the subject. With the advancement of technology in schools, e-books are on the rise as they are not limited to place or constraint.
  • Cost-effective: Use of Technology for Schools is a cost-effective process as everything is available online. Meeting the needs of all learners, the e-books, and online libraries are affordable to everyone. The e-books and online resources are cheap when compared to the class textbooks and also provide with information beyond textbooks. The worksheets, games, and other dictionary linked tools that come with e-books foster learning among students.
  • Technology for special students: Not all students have the same learning style. Some students have a slow pace of learning. The information technology for schools enables students to learn at their own pace. The information technology has provided various technologies to learn for those special students who are disabled. E-books with special features for visually-impaired and tablets for children with autism help in better learning, communication, and interaction.
  • Student-teacher interaction: Information technology for schools helps in building and developing interaction between students and teachers. This classroom technology helps students and teachers to collaborate within and outside the classrooms. Technology in classrooms allows the teacher to remain in constant touch with students and provides them opportunities to excel.

Wrapping up, the integration of Information and Technology in Education has a positive impact improving the quality of education and making teaching effective. Apart from enhancing learning and teaching, technology in education has enabled schools to go a step ahead in terms of administration. Technology driven school management software are the current trend that provides schools with everything they need.

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