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Submit Grades online/offline Using MyClassboard

Teachers are best known for their role in educating children and imparting knowledge in students who are placed under their care. When we talk about a teacher how one visualizes him/she is like someone standing in the classroom teaching the students. Apart from teaching, teachers often have various responsibilities to be performed like attendance, report cards, grade submission, etc.
The prominent thing that teachers mainly focus on is to educate students in a most comprehensible way possible and prepare them for the examinations that evaluate the progress of students. At the end of the day, reports are those documents that display the development of students in terms of education.
While preparing students for examinations that enable them to put forth what they have been taught in the classroom is one major task, calculating the grades and entering the grades is considered to be yet another task.
It’s not just the students who are eager to know about their performance, but the teachers and parents as well. This becomes another major responsibility of teachers to calculate grades and enter the grades or marks making it feasible for parents to access. Many schools have now been integrated with technology that makes the administration process easier. There are indeed few school management software available that allow teachers to upload marks or grades of all the children online into the software.
The School Grading Software empowered by MyClassboard ensures all the schools of easy calculation of grades, even though the results are in the form of Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA), the grading tool helps in calculating the grades of students and displaying them on report cards. The Auto Grade Conversion feature of Gradebook tool does automatic grade calculation preventing the school management from doing it manually thereby saving time.
MyClassboard, unlike any other school management software, furnishes School Grading Software application that enables the teachers to upload the marks or grades of students using offline methods. Going a step forward, the Gradebook tool allows you to perform all your important activities like the entry of marks, report card generation, performance analysis etc., at your feasibility. 
If you are a teacher and are worried about how to upload the marks of all children, here is how you can do it. Every teacher is provided with a unique login using which they can access the software to upload the marks. Entering marks of all the children by a single teacher is often a wearisome job. The separate teacher login for every individual teacher helps them to access their respective subjects and enter marks.
In case you have an internet problem and you have to enter the marks immediately, you no longer have to be worried about how to do it. Gradebook tool offers you a service where you can enter the marks in excel format and later upload these marks in a single click.
Want to make grading and grade management a highly simple task? Use School Grading Software and calculate the grades of all students, upload the grades of students of all classes online/offline. Save the precious time of teachers who earlier spent hours in preparing the report card, calculating and grading manually. Here’s how you can do it.

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