Manage all your students’ examinations, grades, report cards, etc., for any school boards like CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IGCSE and IB with our Gradebook tool. Customize student examinations report cards, schedules and much more with our grading software.

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Complete Grading Solution

Grading and Examinations

Dynamic Skills

In accordance with CBSE policies all kinds of activities and subjects can be allocated a predefined percentage of marks to be calculated towards the final 100%.

Scholastic Skills Report

Scholastic Skills

Class wise – Subject wise: Different skills and sub-skills in each and every subject can be defined and allotted a portion of marks towards the final 100%.

Co scholastic assessment

Co-scholastic Skills

Different skills and sub-skills in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities can be defined and allocated a portion of marks towards the final 100%.

Scholastic grades management

Scholastic Grades

Co scholastic grades management

Co–Scholastic Grades

Auto Grade Conversion

There is no need to manually calculate grades, our system does automatic grade calculation based on your preferred grading scale. You can define different grading pattern for different structures ex: A1/A* etc.

Online/Off-line Grades Submission

Like any school management software, teachers can upload the marks or grades of all the children online into the software, but unlike any other school management software, MyClassboard Gradebook application enables the teachers to upload the marks or grades of students using offline methods.

Best Teacher App

Teacher App

A teacher can also perform all important activities like entry of marks, attendance marking etc., even from his/her favourite devices like mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Marks entry in Myclassboard

Teacher Login

Entering marks by a single person is a cumbersome job, keeping this in consideration we have provided logins for every teacher and these teachers can access their respective subjects and enter marks.

work offline with grades

Offline Upload

In case of internet problems teachers can enter marks in excel format and later they can upload these marks in a single click.

Best comprehensive assessment report

Term end report card

During end of each term, you can generate report card from our system which will have even the percentages of Formative assessment, co-scholastic performance etc.

Report by exam

Evaluation wise report card

After completion of every Formative assessment you can generate report card from our system. Student health details, attendance, remarks can also be showed in the report card.

Standard Report Card (as per CBSE)

With over all experience of 8+ years, we have accumulated more than 35+ formats of report cards as per CBSE standards.

Hassle-Free Report Card Printing

Gradebook from MyClassboard gives you the freedom of choice for printing out report cards in any manner you wish.

Print report with a click

Single Report Card Printing

Any instance requiring the printing of the report card of a single student is easily performed with a single click on the student home page from Gradebook tool powered by MyClassboard.

Grades bulk printing

Bulk Printing

Automatic printing of all the report cards in the institution is possible at just one click using our Gradebook application.

Track child performance

Parent Access

Mobile apps provided to parents can be used to view the report cards of their child(ren) just as easily as the traditional printed report card.

Student attendance software and student health record management

Integrated with student attendance and Health record

Certain schools wish to include the health records of the students along with the report cards as well and our Gradebook tool is well equipped to handle such tasks as well.

ASL report card

OTBA & ASL Integration

Open Text Based Assessment (OBTA) and Assessment of Speaking and Listening skills (ASL) as prescribed by CBSE board can be easily integrated in one software.

Auto upgrade co scholastic grades

Automatic upgradation of scholastic grades depending on co–scholastic grades

In case the school policy dictates improvement of scholastic records basis performance of co-curricular activities, rules can be defined and implemented for the same in our Gradebook tool.

Scholastic exams management

Best Concept For Scholastic Exams

Predefined rules allow you to conduct multiple exams and enter marks for all the exams into the tool and then sort out the number of examinations to be considered for overall marks of the student.

Special cases

Dues & fines on fee defaulting can be tracked and collected with relative easy in customization format basis in our Fee Collection tool.


Ranging from summary to in-depth, reports of all kinds for various purposes can be easily and comfortably printed.

Fee collection tool

Green Sheet

Institutes who maintain multiple bank accounts for the ease of auditing can implement the various bank accounts in the Fee Collection tool to facilitate ease of auditing and tracking of income and expenditure across all bank accounts with detailed ledgers.

Report analysis software

Green Sheet

Having a digitized version of the report cards allow you to generate other detailed reports to draw analysis and other conclusion of the overall performance of the class.

Student performance management software

Year Wise Student Performance

A year end report consolidating the entire record of the student can be shared with the parents highlighting not only the academic achievements of the students but also his/her overall development.

Track teachers performance through Myclassboard

Teacher Performance Reports

Report cards indicating the performance of teachers can also be calculated and printed out and used as an incentive tool to improve the standard of education in the institution.

School communication software


Technical assistance over email can be easily obtained by sending an email to

Chat tool for schools

Online Help

Use our chat tool in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you can contact our technical assistance team and get your queries answered over chat without any hassle. Try it now!

Myclasboard contunues support

On Site Support & Training

In case of personnel requirement, a senior technical assistance can be sent to your location to help ease you into the usage of the software and to provide any training or clarifications you wish.

Call us anytime


Our technical assistance team is only a phone call away on +91-40-48584444. Feel free to contact us any time of day.

Technical Assistance

We have dedicated support team working tirelessly to resolve any queries you may have regarding any module in our product.

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  • We are very much thankful to MyClassboard for making grading a highly simple task. It is so easy now to calculate the grades of students. With its advanced services of uploading grades of all students of various classes online or offline, teachers find the process much feasible and are happy with us. We are highly satisfied with the services provided by the different attributes of Gradebook by MyClassboard.

    Mr. Karthikeyan Sri Gayatri Academy
  • Because of MyClassboard application, we can display a clear picture of the student’s progress time-to-time. This has enabled the teachers and parents to assess and analyze the performance of the students. Evaluating the performance, parents and teachers can further collaborate regarding mentoring and guiding the student. This is a wonderful tool to improve parent-teacher interaction. Thanks to

    Mr Nihal Sharma Vikas The Concept School
  • Grades management has always been a major task for us. With the use of Gradebook tool from MyClassboard, the report card generation has become more like taking a sip of tea. We can generate report cards and print them when needed either in a single report card format or in bulk. This has saved the precious time of our teachers who earlier spent hours in preparing the report card, calculating and grading manually.

    Mr. Noel Harper Cal Public School
  • There is no doubt MyClassboard application has enhanced the working environment of our school. With its various modules the school administration has become as easy as pie. We couldn’t be happier with the aftermath results of MyClassboard. Thanks to MyClassboard for its extended services in the school management system enabling us to reap the benefits.

    Mr. Amit Mishra Silver Oaks
  • It would certainly not be an exaggeration that MyClassboard has improved the productivity of our school. With its cost-effective, easy-to-use and user-friendly application we can answer all the queries, handle the admission process with ease and convert the prospective enquiries to admissions. Our school has witnessed an increase in the number of admissions compared to previous results.

    Mrs. Deepika Singh Delhi Public School