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Student and School Transportation Software

One of the major concerns that have been a thorn in the flesh over the past few years to the school administration and parents as well is the safety and security of students availing the transport facility. Keeping track of every bus, its travel time, the student ridership, transport scheduling etc., are few challenges to schools when it comes to transport management. To effectively manage day-to-day needs of school transport and simultaneously assure the safety of students, a school transportation software was much under recommendation.
The essential functionality of a school transportation software includes bus routing, fleet maintenance, GPS tracking, student ridership and security.
Bus routing: The bus routing module of school transportation software includes the bus routes of several buses and stops. Bus routing helps the school to identify students coming from different places and also keeps track of the time taken by each bus traveling on a particular route to reach the destination.
Fleet Maintenance: Timely maintenance of the entire fleet of vehicles has to be recorded. The school transportation software not only tracks and maintains all expenses related to the maintenance of the fleet of vehicles but also manages the vehicle information, repairs and servicing of vehicles, insurance policy expiry alerts and driver license renewals.
GPS Tracking: For parents who are concerned whether their child has reached safely or not, the bus tracking using GPS is the only solution relieving pressure off parents. Using the GPS tracking service, parents and also management can assess the location of the bus and the activity hours. Parents can use the tracking app to monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which the child is traveling.
Security: Ensuring peace of mind to parents regarding the security of their wards, the school transportation software enables video surveillance. The installation of security cameras in the bus provides a sense of security to the students and parents. Students under continuous surveillance during their journey doubles the student safety.
Student Ridership: Student ridership is all about the student transport data availing the transport facilities. This gives the entire transport information of students like the location from where the student boards the bus, the number of students availing transport facility location wise, transport attendance for that particular day, etc.
Apart from providing the above services, MyClassboard has also inculcated an SMS integration in its school transport software wherein parents will be informed of any changes in the pick or drop schedule through an SMS. The school transportation software commissioned by MyClassboard gives a complete overview of school transport operation, simultaneously ensuring secured transport of students.

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