School Transport Software

The start of a better school day with MCB Transportation is not just to make the travel of a student from school to home comfortable. It mostly intends to make a positive impact on the students at every stop during transportation to make a great day.

A Comprehensive Paperless Solution to Make Fleet Management Easy


Efficient Transport Management

Our transportation management system enables the admin office to efficiently manage the transportation force owned by the schools, colleges, institutes etc. in terms of maintaining the vehicle details, vehicle documentation, student details, Support staff details, Time of arrival and departure, route details, live tracking and transportation staff details and so on.

Total Transportation Module

MCB school transportation software makes concise use of data related to transportation with detailed information about vehicle, vehicle student mapping, route fare mapping, maintenance and its expenses, drivers/ conductor details etc. for better student security and time management. It covers the entire transportation module for tracking and maintenance.

Customized Solutions

Our MCB Transport Management Service, is the industries most comprehensive and secure bus tracking and parent communication platform. Our customized plans make it easy to decide what plan works best based on the special needs and services preferred.

Complete Vehicle Data

When you have a fleet to manage it becomes practically impossible to keep track of critical information. With MCB transport module you can have complete school vehicle data in a centralized interface with all details like Vehicle Records, Maintenance details, Insurance & Renewals, Breakdown track, Repairs & Service records, Driver Details, Loan & Expenses and much more.

Ensure Safety & Security

The top priority of any transportation management is Safety & Security of the people. We help you to keep a close eye on every aspect by providing features like vehicle alerts, map view, live tracking, App logins, Notifications and much more.

Host of Features & Benefits

The tool is integrated with state-of-the-art mapping system which is responsible for creating bus routes with optimum efficiency.

Routes, Trips & Miles

Every bus that leaves your campus carries your brand on the wheels across the routes in all its trips travelling hundreds of miles every day in the city. This feature helps you in Planning, Creating & Managing routes and can be utilized to generate optimum bus routes per trip to ensure efficient use of the buses.

Manage Stops & Time Slots

Our application helps you to create appropriate stops in the route and also manage the time keeping in view the number of students per stop and distance. The number of students applying for transport service is automatically mapped by a back-end service in the tool, this information is then used to generate routes so that all children are picked up while maintaining maximum fuel and time efficiency.

Handle Special Cases

School Transport Operations are completely unpredictable with every day turning out to be a totally new challenge. The Transport-in-Charge may have several special requests from Students, Parents and the School Management to be handled.

Availing One Way Transport

Certain students or staff members who wish to avail transport service from the school/college for only one side of the journey can also be accommodated basis approval from relevant authorities.

Manage Special Routes

Special requirements for routing issues like weekend classes or excursions can be automatically processed based on students attending and destination with our bus routing software.

Improved Service Standards

Myclassboard has been helping schools of all sizes to continuously improve their service level standards by building feature-rich modules.

Availability Management

MCB makes it surprisingly simple to optimally utilize available vehicles by planning & creating routes, trips and stops in the most efficient manner.

Prompt Transport Alerts

The transport in charge is empowered with the benefit of controlling, monitoring, tracking and sending notifications using transport management system facilitating smooth operations, encouraging safe transport systems and establish confusion free mechanism.

Specific Login Access

Every school has a transport in charge assigned and a login access is given to each school. They have access to all the details like number of students travelling, in & out time of the bus, live update of the bus, speed analysis, special notifications with reference to the bus maintenance, bus breakdown notification and so on.

Ease of Accounting

MCB helps you maintain prompt accounting of all expenses whether it be a bolt or a nut related to the maintenance of your entire fleet of vehicles. Now you can analyse nature of expense, patterns and track the budget in a more professional manner with various cost parameters in reports. MCB Transport Management Software gives you great freedom to make utilization of every opportunity to optimize cost of fleet management.

Bus Tracking System (GPS)

MCB makes it possible to use digital advanced features of GPS to perform live monitoring & tracking of entire transport fleet ensuring the safety of students, staff & other members.

Live Bus Status

The bus location, running status, idle status and parked state are given a specific colour to identify easily. A Live route map involving orange colour location marks indicates the parked state of the bus, similarly, yellow location sign indicates the idle state and green colour indicates the running state of the bus.

Notifications and alerts

Day wise notifications list against each route is also accessed by the Transport manager and reports are generated and sent across the respective stake holder. Alerts about the location of bus, attendance of student, pick up and drop details along with the change in the route, time or change is sent to the parents.

Bus Track from Parent Mobile App

Empower parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child(ren) is traveling using the school bus tracking app.

SMS Integration

SMS integration with the school transport software will help you inform the parents of any changes in the pick or drop schedule shared with them with bulk action possibility.

Enhanced Communication

You can communicate with both school bus drivers as well as parents via phone or SMS. It helps to send important information regarding the bus status delays, etc.

Real-Time Notification

With MCB transport monitoring system, school authorities, parents, etc will get real-time updates about boarding and deboarding of students ensuring total trust & confidence to parents.

Instant Alerts

The app aids you to stay cautious and make suitable decisions at the right time to ensure better safety and fleet management. It provides instant alerts & notifications on accidents, emergencies, unscheduled stops or routes, heavy traffic, etc. to multiple users.

Efficient Management

With this app, you can efficiently manage the school bus fleets under all circumstances. It helps you to effectively create new routes, monitor fleet, vehicle inspection, etc.

Vehicle Database Search

The transportation management software has inbuilt fields to capture all the information related to the vehicles and also keeps a check of various parameters like distance travelled, fuel consumed, etc., to intimate regarding an impending check-up when the time comes.

Transport Compliance Tracker

MCB Smartschool empowers your Transport Department by providing a feature to keep track of important vehicle compliances and regulations like Vehicle Insurance, Driver License Renewals, Pollution check-up and so on.

Periodic Service & Routine Check

When it comes to maintaining every vehicle in good condition, relying on manual records could be troublesome. MCB makes the life of a Transport-in-charge easier by helping in keep track of vehicle service dates, fit-ness certificates, check-ups, insurance & driver license renewals and several such critical aspects of vehicle compliance.

Accurate Reporting

Keeping a record of all details can prove helpful in the future. All the reports relating to the attendance of students and staff, vehicle information, route tracking, Time of arrival and departure, Salaries tracking, vehicle renewal alerts and so on can be well tracked. With our system, concerned authorities can download all the essential reports whenever needed in formats such as PDF, Excel, word and so on based on the need.

RFID Attendance Tracking

Recording school bus information, tracking attendance and collecting student details manually can cause errors. Our RFID attendance tracking system can help schools to make this process absolutely error-free.

Staff & Parent App Login

With our school bus tracking apps, Parents & Staff can login to the app and view the live status of the bus, time left, expected time of arrival and much more. MCB brings Schools & parents together to ensure student safety.