Safety of children is our top priority. Tracking their school bus in real time while they travel to school and back is one of our app’s special features.

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Manage Bus routes and stops

The tool can be utilised to generate optimum bus routes to ensure most efficient use of the transport services.

School transport management software

Maintain Vehicle Info

The tool has inbuilt fields to capture all the information related to the vehicles and also keeps a check of various parameters like distance traveled, fuel consumed, etc., to intimate regarding an impending check-up when the time comes.

Route planning software

Map Students & Stops

The number of students applying for transport service is automatically mapped by a back-end service in the tool, which information is then used to generate routes so that all children are picked up while maintaining maximum fuel and time efficiency.

Route planning software

Create Routes and Stops

The tool is integrated with state of the art mapping system which is responsible for creating bus routes with optimum efficiency.

Vehicle tracking software

Track bus from parent mobile app

Empower parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child(ren) is travelling.

Bus tracking Mobile app

Transport tracking apps

Enable your transport supervisors to maintain smooth functioning of all the vehicles under their command by giving them constant monitoring capabilities of each and every single bus or vehicle in your fleet.

Transport alerts

SMS alerts

SMS integration with the transport module will help you inform the parents of any changes in the pick or drop schedule shared with them with bulk action possibility.

Bus tracking(GPS)

Digital advancements made in the field of GPS allow you to perform live monitoring of all the buses and other vehicles in your transport fleet to ensure parents’ peace of mind.

Transport Alerts

The information pre-entered into the software regarding the vehicles helps you keep a close eye on the condition of the vehicle to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff personnel who travel in these vehicles every day. In this regard, you will get timely intimations about:
Expiry alerts of insurance policy

Insurance Policy Expiry alerts

Renewals driving license

Driving License Renewals

Pollution check-up alerts

Pollution Check-Ups

vehicle service management

Routine Service

Transport expense management

Repairs and servicing

Fuel expense management

Fuel maintenance

Driver salary generation

Driver salaries


All expenses related to the maintenance of your entire fleet of vehicles is maintained by our transport app tool with timely reminders for

Special cases

Transport service management

Availing One Way Transport

Certain students or staff members who wish to avail transport service from the school/college for only one side of the journey can also be accommodated basis approval from relevant authorities.

Bus routing software

Manage Special Routes

Special requirements for routing issues like weekend classes or excursions can be automatically processed based on students attending and destination.

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  • One of the major concerns that every parent face nowadays is the safety of their child. This has been a major concern for us too. Putting an end to all uncertainty, insecurity and mistrust, MyClassboard helped us to provide an assurance to the parents concerning the safety of students. This tool has benefitted our management to gain the trust of parents and further motivated us to provide our best services to them.

    Mrs Prabhavathi Naresh Kangaroo Kids Education LTD
  • Many parents have expressed their satisfaction with our transport services provided. All this is being made possible by the Transport tool of MyClassboard. Few services like transport tracking app, SMS alerts, transport alerts and bus tracking using GPS has ensured peace of mind to all our parents. We even noticed a gradual decrease in the number of complaints registered pertaining to transport issues.

    Mrs. Sameera Bachpan
  • Apart from ensuring safety and security of students, it is equally important to track the transport expenses. The transport app tool has not only enabled us to track and maintain the fuel expenses but also manage the vehicle information, repairs and servicing of vehicles, insurance policy expiry alerts and driver license renewals with a single thread. MyClassboard’s Transport tool helped us to manage transport related issues under single roof hence avoiding ambiguity.

    Mr. Abhijeet Army Public School
  • What could be told of this application! This is one such user-friendly application which can be accessed by everyone. We no longer have the issue of who could manage and handle the school administration processes as MyClassboard simplifies the entire work effectively. When you have MyClassboard, you already have the solution. There you go; the entire administration process is on the tip of your fingers. All credit to MyClassboard.

    Mrs. Supriya Jacinth Rockwell International School
  • Had it been the old practices of school administration, we would have ultimately ended up in darkness. Thanks to MyClassboard which enlightened our school management system allowing us to have a keen eye on all sectors of administration simultaneously. What else could anyone want?

    Mrs. Hasini Chandra Orchids The International School