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How Schools are Collecting Fees Online Using MyClassboard

Long gone are those days where parents used to spend many hours standing in lengthy queues to pay their wards’ fee, with some schools still using the old practices, though. Everything has changed now, schools have embraced technology and infused school software to smoothen and fasten the entire process.
With the increasing demand for online fee payment gateways in many schools, MyClassboard comes up with its Fee Collection Software using which the fee collection job can be made super-easy. Predicting the need for digital transactions and its benefits, MyClassboard had already inculcated the online fee payment module in its software.
MyClassboard is one of India’s most widely trusted software that provides an integrated payment gateway for schools to pay the fee online from their mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any electronic device. Currency crunch is the current scenario in our country affecting the entire nation of which schools are the most affected. MyClassboard offers online payment gateway for schools like using different modes of payment like Payment through debit card, credit card and other options that make payment uncomplicated, while the services are being made available 24×7.
Some banks are giving the option to generate fee challan (cash/cheque) also in payment gateway integrations where the parent can take that challan print out and pay for banks, and the fee challan can be generated by self. One best example is Rockwell International school that offers ICICI Eazy payment gateway using which the payment can be made at the banks itself.
Being integrated with Atom payment gateway which is a payment aggregator that facilities to accept payments online, on Mobile, on IVR & POS using a credit card, debit card, net banking, cash/prepaid cards and IMPS. It enables parents to make payment using Debit cards, Credit cards, and net banking. While making a payment through the fee collection module of MyClassboard, the Mode of Payment section displayed on the screen directs them to a page powered by Atom. Atom being integrated with all major banks, it directly takes the parent to these banks wherein he can select the bank to proceed with the payment. Be it through debit card or credit card, Atom displays the list of all the banks that offer these services and it would be dead easy for parents to simply pay the fee with the data being secured.
Many of our clients have been using the online payment gateway to deal with the fee collections and are benefitted with regard to transparency in accounts and data accuracy. If you are also looking to get integrated with online fee payment, simply get collaborated with MyClassboard to enjoy a hassle-free and unambiguous fee payment.

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