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Online Reporting

Online results can elevate your schools academic progress

Online results can elevate your schools academic progress

An academic progress card, or more commonly a report card, is an integral part of education that records the complete performance of the student throughout the year.
Traditionally, paper-based report cards, which teachers manually enter, have been around schools for a long time. However, paper-based report cards fail to present a holistic view of a student’s performance.
In addition to being a time taking process to create a report card, a paper-based report card has always been a hassle to convey to the parents. As a result, some underperforming students hesitate to show it to their parents, and it often encourages them to resort to drastic measures to proxy their parents’ signatures.
More often, report cards have been seen to cause undue tension in students, which has led to negative consequences, where the pressure to score high marks has resulted in students harming themselves due to errors in the report cards.
Time demands a holistic performance report card which not only presents the marks achieved for various subjects but also mentions co-curricular, extra-curricular skills, & physical activities that a student is proficient in. The multi-parameter reporting model analyzes a student from various perspectives and provides in-depth insight into their intellectual growth. Regular feedback enables students to improvise well in advance and gives their studies the proper direction needed for outstanding performance.
Online report cards are beneficial for the constructive progress of students’ academics. Schools, too, save the hassle of manually preparing reports on each student. Moreover, since it is digital, it can be instantly shared with parents for their participation in the children’s progress.
A holistic progress report is motivating for students to continually improve their performance. With detailed insights into their performance, it is helpful for them to plan their progress strategically. Trends are shifting, and most common entrance exams are happening online. Keeping this in mind, schools should plan hands-on practice for students to be aware of their digital exam interface. It would not only prepare them for competitive exams for their higher studies but also helps them to improve their overall performance.

Let's further understand the advantages of online report cards.

Online reporting cuts down the school’s precious time to manually evaluate and send to parents.
By saving individual shares in the paper, we indirectly save water used extensively in paper making.
Advanced AI and algorithms allow the reporting software to create their results accurately. Digital reports also are easy to store and retrieve whenever required for reference.
Scientifically designed online grading systems are encoded to extend various features that would allow schools to analyze, record, and share the complete performance of students based on various evaluation criteria. In this way, digital reports are effective in the higher development of students as they are much more aware of their skills and understand the areas of improvement based on their future goals.
As explanatory answers analyze students’ intellectual understanding, such as comprehension, writing skills, conveying of information, persuasion, etc., schools need to include descriptive assessment types in their academic evaluation. For such analysis, the appropriate technology is supportive and available in online grading.

Level up your school academic performance with MCB Gradebook

The MyClassboard Gradebook module forms an efficient system for recording and managing students’ performance with specific details which suit various educational board requirements. It provides schools to analyze students as well as teachers’ performance comprehensively. It empowers schools to test students based on multiple skills and criteria for a deeper understanding of student intellect and interest. The results are quickly shared with parents and made available online for students to check and plan any action for improvement if necessary. Suppose you are planning for an online evaluation system for your schools. In that case, you will be impressed with MyClassboard’s various learning-based assessments, reflection-based assessments, activity-based assessments, and objective-type assessments for competitive exam preparations.

Never miss recording any achievement by a student and keep their morale high with regular feedback.

Summing up

Online assessments are a valuable tool to keep up with the fast-moving curriculum demands of modern schooling. It allows schools to keep up with the course. It reduces their stress and provides much more flexibility to complete their assessments, faster result generation, and regular feedback for an engaging educational environment. In addition, implementing such innovative tools in schools prepares students for a virtual examination interface, providing them with hands-on practice for fairing well in competitive professional or higher education exams.

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