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Reliable Gradebook software to perform end-to-end Gradebook activities to make the whole gamut of school grading & reporting smoother, quicker and easier!

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Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Assessments


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Learning-Based Assessments

Efficiently manage Montessori Curriculum, Assessments, Grade Recording, Reporting and more with these type of assessments. They reflect the authentic meaning and process of Montessori methodology.

Reflection-Based Assessments

Schools can define reflection categories and subcategories for every subject. Teachers can enter grades for the same and generate exhaustive reports which parents can access from the parent portal.

Activity-Based Assessments

Define Activity Curriculum, assign activities and skills to students, build a grading scale, evaluate student grades effectively and generate reports for parents.

Objective Exams (JEE)

Conduct Objective Exams offline and upload the OMR DAT file to our database to generate results. For the tests conducted online, you can generate instant results.

Student Daily Logs

Student Daily Logs are best suited for pre-primary classes. Teachers can record task status defined by the school. The details uploaded can be accessed by the parent.

Anecdotes and Badges

Teachers can efficiently record class or student observations concerning behaviour, skills, attitudes and other areas of improvement against respective anecdote category. These recorded anecdotes can be viewed by all teachers. Generate detailed and consolidated reports to share across faculty and parents when needed.

Achievement Records

Record school, student and team achievements for diverse categories such as sports, co-curricular, fine arts, etc. besides competition details and event photos.

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