Transport Management System

Powerful tool to efficiently maintain logistics, Management Information System and transport communication.

Total Transport Management

Maintain staff & vehicle data, map students to routes and route fare mapping for better student safety and time management.

Customised Solutions

Create and manage special cases such as one-way transport with special routes, stops & time slots—auto-map routes to maximise fuel and time efficiency.

Management Information System & Reports

Manage insurance & license renewal, maintenance, expenses, student attendance, staff salaries, renewal alerts, reports generation and more.

Prompt Transport Alerts

Send real-time notifications concerning bus location, student boarding and de-boarding, change in schedule, delays, etc. to ensure trust & confidence.

Easy Accounting

Analyse expense nature to track budget with various cost parameters in reports to optimise cash inflow and expenditure.

Transport In-Charge Privileges

Access to details such as student count, bus in & out time, live updates, speed analysis, special notifications concerning bus maintenance, breakdown and more.


Send everyday information concerning student attendance, bus status, change in bus route, estimated time of pick-up and drop, etc. via parent app and SMS.

Database Search

Capture transport information and check on parameters such as distance travelled, fuel consumption, and more to take the required action.



GPS Tracking System

Parents and schools can track bus real-time to ensure student safety and schools can keep track of essential vehicle compliances.

RFID Attendance Tracking

Reduce human effort and capture attendance with a tap and trigger SMS to parents.

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