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Impact of Technology in Indian Education System

The impact that technology has in schools today is quite significant as technology in education has the power to transform how people learn. Technology in the classroom became more predominant by improved learning, increased engagement of students and virtual programs. Technology now can be seen as an investment for productive learning as teachers want more technology in their classrooms. So is the case in India as well with its own challenges. With both opportunities and challenges, technology in Indian Education System is rather a debatable phenomenon. When many schools are adapting the advancement in technology, yet there are some schools that strongly believe in old practices than going with the wind.

The widespread adoption of technology in schools has changed the entire scenario of how students learn. Teachers are working on how to teach with emerging technologies and students are using advanced technology to enhance their learning and knowledge.

The pros of technology in schools are:

Effective learning: Technology in a classroom makes learning easier and effective. It helps the students to easily grasp the content and information in a shorter span of time. Simultaneous visibility of information for all the students is available.

Skill development: Technology in schools can be seen as a skill producing factor in students as many students focus on creating a presentation and expressing their knowledge rather than simply listening to the lecture. It helps students in learning things in a creative and innovative manner.

Visual programs: The visual illustrations in the classroom make learning fun filled and easier. Technology prepares students for better future as it improves desire to learn among the students.

Just like every coin has got two sides, technology in Indian education has its own challenges too. The investment in technological infrastructure in schools, teacher training and software is a costly affair. India being a developing country, not all schools can afford to the technological infrastructure. With the increased demand for technology in schools, there is an equal demand in the cost of education too and not many parents would be willing to spend. Other than the financial constraints, many parents are happy and content with the old educational system. They believe that there is no better illustration than experience. It can be clearly seen that smartphones and tablets have replaced textbooks. Nevertheless, not all information is available on the internet they debate.

With positives and negatives of technology in Indian education system, the positives have outnumbered negatives with many schools embracing technology. Ending on a positive note, technology in education enhances learning skills in students.

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