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How a gradebook software can simplify strenuous grading & reporting in schools

How a gradebook software can simplify strenuous grading & reporting in schools

Classroom teaching is incomplete without proper assessment and review of student understanding. Reports allow teachers, parents, & students to identify any shortfalls in understanding classwork. Traditional styles of evaluating student understanding have been strenuous for teachers, as they involve manual steps; review, feedback, & report, etc.
Conventional methods demand a lot of time from the teacher’s schedule to grade students based on various parameters. As a result, a teacher might spend more time grading students than time spent teaching. However, automation and intelligent technology can change this scenario.
Dedicated software for the review of students’ performance and grading is essential for schools to optimize their teaching time so students can excel in their studies.
An online Gradebook software is a simple application that executes the entire gamut of assessment and reporting online with automatic grading. It simplifies the manual grading activities and supplements the efforts of teachers for appropriate reviews of students.

What is a Gradebook software?

An online Gradebook software facilitates schools to automate and streamline entire assessment & grading based on various parameters required. It enables teachers to automate an essential classroom activity with the evaluation and grading possible at the scheduled time and with pre-defined assessment criteria.

It’s a simple interface that allows schools to use it without technical hassle.
An online grade book software is developed to create reports accurately, analyze performance, schedule assessments, activities, and exercises for exhaustive education reinforcement and improvement. Earlier, teachers were so engaged in teaching that they had to spend additional hours out of their teaching time to correct assignments and assign grades to students. If the classroom has a vast number of students, the burden on teachers for assignment correction and grading increases equally. Gradebook relieves teachers from their responsibility of grading student assignments and allows them to concentrate their focus on the crucial activity of teaching.

How does MyClassboard grade book software allow schools to optimize their time for teaching?

MyClassboard Gradebook software automates & records assignments and class activities with utmost accuracy. The entire data of hundreds of students with their projects & reports can be maintained with its ingenious technology to publish results without any mistakes to bring a comprehensive understanding of their performance.
Timely publication of consolidated reports gives the students advantage of checking and improvising their performance at the appropriate time.
MyClassboard Gradebook software comes pre-loaded with standardized test formats, which increases the education bar as schools can follow the test patterns to prepare students for national and international competitive exams. It allows schools to analyze student performance based on various skills such as speaking, listening, analytical, mathematical, and reasoning, to name a few.
MyClassboard Gradebook software is customizable to suit the requirement of schools as they can plan their performance metrics with a grading scale that fits their target standards.
Schools can always take their grading scale a notch higher up or scale down based on their students’ performance.
MyClassboard brings versatility in its software as schools can create periodic tests, portfolios, subject-oriented activities, and term-end exams with appropriate weightage allocated for each assignment.
The Gradebook software brings a hassle-free experience for schools to choose any assignment format and test their students as per the education board requirements.
School is not just about academic learning, but it gives a chance to students to learn and explore various co-scholastic activities such as yoga, art, health science, physical education, environmental knowledge, & music, etc.
MyClassboard Gradebook software is designed to plan and schedule co-scholastic activities and grade accordingly.
End-term exams can be hectic to schedule and conduct. Report card generation could be even more challenging as it takes additional responsibility to assign correct marks without any bias.
Schools can handle this challenge by automating their grading and reporting activities. It enables teachers to relieve reporting burden and avoid the obstacles of unbiased reporting. MyClassboard Gradebook software can handle the report card generation of hundreds of students with ease and accuracy.
Conveying the correct academic performance to the parents is essential. It would allow the parent to be informed and intervene in their ward’s education appropriately.
MyClassboard Online Gradebook software enables schools to publish every report for the parents to access online, avoiding any communication gaps between schools and parents.
MyClassboard Gradebook software is equipped to read the OMR answer sheet from objective type exams & correctly generate results for competitive exams.
It can give an edge to schools to conduct various mock competitive exams to prepare their students for higher studies.
The entire academic performance of a student is recorded in the database with comprehensive reports of each exam type. Every student’s achievement is registered and maintained without security hassle, which could be retrieved as and whenever required.


MyClassboard Gradebook software is a powerful software that simplifies a significant part of school activity with its thoughtful integrations and features. Its multiple benefits suit the needs of the school principal, class teacher, subject teacher, & coordinator to upkeep the grades of their students in a simple manner. At the same time, students and parents can access their reports easier to understand their performance.

It empowers a school to handle a load of extensive studies with ease as scheduling assignments and reporting is automated. In addition, keeping an accurate track of students’ performance can save tremendous time for schools to focus on the vital task of teaching. MyClassboard Gradebook software is one of the leading in the industry due to its technological superiority, intuitive interface, & reliable support. Bring a positive change in your school’s activities with MyClassboard Gradebook software to scale new heights in the sphere of education.

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