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Education System for Paperless Management



“Go Green Say No To Paper Save Trees” is the current slogan that is being campaigned in every corner of the globe, generating awareness about the importance of trees among the people and reduce deforestation to curb the effect of Global Warming. Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper and over 60% of the timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper and paper products. It is a due responsibility of every individual to understand the disastrous negative effects the paper consumption has on our environment and take necessary steps that can help encouraging the world to use less of it.
Over the past few years telcos, banks and other large businesses have put forth their efforts to get their consumers to replace their paper bills with electronic bills and statements. A little lately but commendably even schools have joined the green revolution to save trees and planet Earth.
Advancements in technology over the past few years has made a significant development in the reduction of paper consumption around the globe. From filling up of enquiry or registration forms to educational textbooks and the examination papers, the educational stream is the one industry that uses up a significant amount of paper all over the world. Better late than never, even the education system should take steps to cultivate paperless management in schools, colleges and universities.
Going electronic is the amicable solution for an education system that facilitates in the paperless management. One might be wondering how beneficial it would be? Here’s the answer as the benefits are aplenty. When considering the cost saving and data management, educational industry for sure is going to reap benefits.
When it comes to administration, the school management has to maintain piles of papers and stacks of files that contain the numerous records of students, attendance, school finances and other information which is wearisome and time-consuming too. The paper management is often prone to data loss costing the sincere efforts, resources and time of the management.
The heap of such flaws needs serious consideration to be burnt and replaced by a management software that streamlines the administration process and operations of other departments of schools effortlessly. Attendance, report cards and diary are the vital aspects of students, parents and management alike. Gone are those days when teachers marked the attendance manually in registers, prepared the report card, entered and calculated the grades manually, used the diary to enter daily homework, assignments or any remarks.
It’s time to move with the trend and embrace technology to the system eliminating the paperwork by making everything digital. MyClassboard had always been a step ahead in terms of digitization by inducing many modules in its software that enhance paperless management. The Admissions module provides a tablet online through which students or parents can place their enquiries and fill application forms.
The Gradebook tool generates report card with various formats as required by the school, calculates grades and updates online. To put an end to paper and printing, we have facilitated our module in our mobile app as well using which parents and students can view the grades and report cards. MyClassboard has also advanced in offering fee management without an accountant in schools through online payment.
This is an age where the world prefers tablets rather than textbooks. With many e-learning sites available in a click, students and teachers can access them in the classrooms improving the collaboration between the duo. MyClassboard sets a platform for effective communication between the students and teachers, and parents and teachers wherein students can directly pose questions to teachers and get them answered rather than waiting for hours to seek their appointment. Parents can also collaborate with teachers regarding issues concerning to their wards.
MyClassboard works in solidarity with the world in ensuring paperless management in schools through its various modules. Schools, now it’s your time to take a call to go green by saying no to paper and contribute your part to save Planet Earth. Would you like to join us in this “Green Revolution”? This is how you can do it. Go Paperless Save Trees.

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