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School Admission Software

Boost Student Enrollment with an Online Admission Software

Boost student enrollment with an online admission software

The covid pandemic shook every economy like never before and left a trauma in everyone’s mind. It pushed all of us to look differently at our safety and health. Parents of school-going students were left grappling with safety issues for their kids, and at the same time, they were in two minds regarding their education. As a result, many choose to give up on education, which costs many kids their golden time to learn and progress in their education.
Online classes came to the rescue for many students in schools that initiated the adoption of a school management system were able to continue their academic curriculum. However, the idea of online admission is yet to sink in with schools in our education field.
An online admission system is a powerful tool for conducting admissions from anywhere. It is beneficial for both schools and students to complete a series of steps involved in the enrollment and admission process from the safe confines of their homes. It is not just a way to sustain admission activity, but it can boost admission enrollment due to the many advantages associated with its systematic functions.
Since admission is a critical activity every year in a school, it should be supported with robust systems that can withstand difficult situations without causing major setbacks. So, let’s understand in detail how admission software has the potential to boost admission enrollment.

Increase school enrollment with online admission

School admission application is online software that can conduct a complete admission process without their physical presence on the school premises. Schools can conduct widespread admission campaigns through their websites and social media platforms. Dynamic forms that capture leads can be placed on the website and social media, allowing parents to connect with schools for enquiry and subsequently initiate an admission process.
Schools can follow up with those interested candidates and lead them towards the next steps of admission. In addition, online records of students give the school more efficiency in retrieving data and proceeding faster with admission steps.
Admission sessions are an important activity of a school and require a long duration of time. Therefore, a dedicated team that focuses on the activity would be able to achieve the expected results. Furthermore, a dedicated team will be well versed with the technicalities of the online admission software to proceed with the activities with much more ease.
A regular follow-up with the leads is essential to convert them for admission, and the specific team involved in the process will be better equipped to do the needful.
Engaging parents in the admission process is essential, as they would be solely responsible for making decisions about their kids’ education journey. In addition, regular communication with the parents would allow the school to share important information, aiding them in making positive decisions.
Establishing a communication channel between the school and parents is essential so that parents can openly communicate and share their concerns, which would be addressed by the schools in time for the admission process to take a positive turn with the kid joining their school.
As everyone is extra concerned about the hygiene environment in the wake of a covid pandemic, it is only wise for the schools to establish an online entrance exam. So students could give their pre-admission exams from the safety of their homes.
Admission management software is designed to take the entire process of admission online. Online exams are quick and convenient. The results can be quickly sent to parents to update them on the next steps of the admission process.
Online presence and digital facilities have given us great convenience to do things faster at the click of a button. For example, an admission process is designed to upload e-documents for school records and verification for admission. Likewise, schools can receive admission fees through online payment channels.
Online fee payments are safe and ensure instant verification of payment status, which is convenient and allows a smooth transition to the next steps in the admission process.

Engagement post admission

As part of a welcome note to the student and the parents, it is advantageous for the schools to organize an online tour of the school and let the students get to know the various infrastructure of their school. It prepares their minds and creates enthusiasm as they would be spending precious times of their life in the school along with the teachers and staff.
Informing them of the school regulation gives them headway for their disciplined behavior and expected performance in the school. Parents are also satisfied when they witness the various facilities around the school, which eases their minds to let their wards spend time learning and growing with the school.
The school community involves not just the students and the teachers but also the parents, who are essential pillars in their kids’ progress. Informing them of school activities through regular communication channels will engage them.
Feedback from parents is essential for the school’s growth as it would allow them to adopt constructive changes. Parents bring a fresh perspective to the school management and share the challenges of students so the institutions can make progress. The positive feedback from parents will help schools to boost their admission percentage.


Online admission is essential software for schools to keep up with the current demands of remote or distance learning due to safety concerns in the wake of the pandemic. Other useful software can make online admission easier and more holistic. The communication module by MyClassboard and the Online examination module allows schools to step up their admission activity from the earlier conventional methods. The Finance module takes the admission activity to a whole other level of convenience as parents can pay the complete admission fee and various additional miscellaneous fees online from anywhere.

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