Fast and Easy Management of School Admission Process

With the increasing number of student admissions into Schools, Colleges and Universities causing enormous pressure on the administration, there was much need to put an end to the old practices of using ink and paper. The old method used was not only time consuming but also required huge efforts to manage and arrange the admission process manually. To overcome the limitations, many Academic Institutes have embraced online admission procedure to fasten the admission process using student admission software. Moving with trend and advancements in technology, MyClassboard introduces automated web service to ensure fast and computerized information. This is an internet based application designed for better interaction between students, teachers, and parents. Being a web-based application, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

School admission software enabled by MyClassboard is reliable, faster, time-saving, requires less manpower and manages the operations accurately and unambiguously. This software eliminates manual applications with easy-to-fill admission form that enables search and retrieval of data in real-time. This user-friendly tool lets you document and accumulates all the data pertaining to enquiries, registrations, and admissions. This is a cost-effective tool that requires no technical assistance. Collecting or saving the data is just a click away with student admission software and retrieving or modifying the data is just a tick away.

The different modules used in School Admission software empowered by MyClassboard make the entire admission process transparent, faster and easy to access. It is beneficial for quick changes and easily amendable too. It manages application data integrity by detecting duplication. The “Forms” module sets a pavement for students and parents to place their enquiries. Other categories for registrations and admissions are also available. At the end of the day, a number of enquiries received, registrations and applications received can be summed up for future use. The enquires, registrations and admissions can be collated and further documented to customized fields. The “Follow-up” tool helps the institutions to track enquiries and registrations effectively and efficiently. Thus making sure no prospective admission is missed.

Earlier, a lot of complexities were involved in maintaining, saving, updating and retrieving data. Below are the salient features of MyClassboard school admission software that make us unique when compared to our competitors.

  • Automated online system that works 24×7.
  • Easily accessible from anywhere thereby avoiding strenuous submission process.
  • Candidates don’t need to wait for long hours standing in queues to submit their application forms.
  • An unlimited number of applicant’s information can be collected and stored.
  • No redundancy of data as duplication of data is detected.
  • Maintenance of transparency of data with students.
  • The process is very accurate and reliable.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports generated on the forms.

The above mentioned special features make MyClassboard the most comprehensible student admission software in the market. Do you also need a hassle-free admission process in your school? Just switch to MyClassboard and manage your admission process effortlessly.

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