Know why every school needs an Online Admission Management System

Know why every school needs an Online Admission Management System

As pandemic crises have settled in our lives, schools have geared up to compensate for the lost time due to the pandemic. As a result, even students have renewed their interest and are returning to school to start a new academic year. However, it creates a burden on the schools to manage the admissions of hundreds of students and yet to retain talented students in this process.
Manually operating admissions will be a severe drawback as this burdens schools to invest in human resources and arrange facilities, costing more on the operations budget. It is also more time-consuming due to manual efforts.
However, school admissions could be improved with the latest automation of the entire process. It is done through admission management software, which takes care of the start to end of a student’s admission journey. Schools must adopt digital technologies to be competitively viable in this fast-paced schooling structure. Infusion of technology into education doesn’t disrupt the regular flow of information as may have been thought earlier, but it enhances more robust integration of knowledge with its versatile usage. Let’s understand admission management software.

Admission Management Software

It is an effective method for managing admissions from any location is an online admissions system. It is advantageous for schools and students to carry out several enrollment and admissions-related tasks from the comfort of their homes. Due to the numerous benefits connected to its systematic functions, it can increase admission enrollment and maintain admission activity.
An admission software manages end-to-end processes in an admission activity, starting with managing inquiries, follow-up, pre-admission examinations, and admission applications. Therefore, adopting an admission system would allow schools to boost their productivity. Let’s analyze in detail how the software is essential for every school to keep up with the demands of current schooling.

Significance of online admission software in a school;

Having an offline inquiry source, such as walk-ins or calls, couldn’t provide enough exposure to a school, and reaching out to multiple online sources has become essential. However, manual handling of various sources would lead to missing leads, minimizing the effectiveness of school resources.
With advanced supporting tools for the follow-up of leads, it is easier to get back to all inquiries on time. Even at peak rush for admission, manual coordination and decision-making competencies are lower, which couldn’t meet the demands of admission volume. Equipping admission staff with integrated admission software having automated tools like Click-to-Call or IVRS allows the better follow-up of admission inquiries.
Automated admission systems allow students to fill their forms faster as auto-fill options save the details of students and highlight them to be used whenever there is a requirement for submitting personal or educational details.
As a student first enters their educational qualifications, the automated software classifies each student’s admittance based on various standards and minimal requirements established by institutions to examine potential new pupils. Automation increases school efficiency by making it simple to advance students who meet the criteria for admission to the next phase of the procedure.
Manually screening every student is taxing on the staff and may involve bias and scope for undue recommendations with the school authorities for successful admission. With an automated system, such incidents can be reduced to offer a transparent admission option to every student.
Pre-admission exams are essential to gauge student performance and their abilities before offering them admission. The academic examination is a huge process, and conducting it for admission seekers burdens the staff. However, if a school uses admission automation, it can be completed online, with appropriate question formats that screen students through competitive standards.
An admission process may undergo multiple fee payment patterns based on the requirements and structure of a school. Multiple cash payments for different admission steps would be exhausting for the staff and challenging for the parents to arrange exact cash amounts for payment. Integrating an online payment system with various methods would speed up the critical process of fee payments to advance the entire admission process.
For thousands of students, paper-based student admission forms and copies of documents are challenging to handle. It needs space, proper cataloging, and appropriate conditions to hold them for a long time without them getting destroyed or misplaced.
Manual admissions are prone to such challenges, which would be avoided by implementing a digital admission process, which provides a cloud storage system for the entire student database. With digital systems, extensive data can be stored in small spaces, making retrieving them easier. Additionally, there is a lesser chance of damage to documents due to poor storage conditions.
An admission software integration with various school ERP software boosts productivity as the exchange of information is much more fluid without any lag for newly admitted students. They can start their new academic year without time delay. Admission staff assign them to their classes and provide complementary stationeries as the next academic team is notified of their admission and initiates appropriate steps for regular classes.


The above-discussed points support schools adopting admission software for their academic success. A seamless start gives students a better experience, who have fewer chances to drop off due to the need for a coordinated system at school. Additionally, a digital process would allow schools to efficiently handle their human resources without disturbing the schedules of teaching staff, who might be involved in admission due to a lack of supporting staff. It justifies schools considering adopting an admission system and keeping up with competitive success. MyClassboard is one of the leading school ERP software in the market and provides robust and flexible admission software for schools to push their admission rates exponentially. Schools willing to learn more can call their experts for an online demo.

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