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Omni Channel Enquiries

Planning an efficient multi-channel digital campaign and its successful management is the key to a successful admission session. MyClassboard allows schools to consolidate their generated leads in a single place for follow-up without missing any of them. Code-based admission inquiry data consolidation in the MyClassboard dashboard allows schools to avoid duplications of leads and quick identification of internal sibling inquiries. 

Web-based enquiries
Leverage the tech-savviness of Gen-Z parents and allow them to check out your facilities to drop an admission inquiry from school websites, landing pages, or website chatbots. 
MyClassboard admission management software transfers the school’s web-based inquiries to the MCB dashboard for the next follow-up stage without missing any leads.
Offline enquiries
MyClassboard’s scalability enables schools to entertain offline inquiries of parents with; IVRS calls, Walk-ins, TV/ Newspaper Ads, Referrals/ Friends, Business development executives, & Internal Staff. 
Simple channel integrations with the MCB dashboard will synchronize every lead in real time.  
Online enquiries 
Grasp the popularity of online media fully to generate admission leads by gathering social media leads, online, and Google ads lead.

Lead Followup

Engage with leads generated through various channels with tools like click-to-call, IVRS, and WhatsApp. Consistent follow-up with convenient tools will help school staff categorize the leads per their discussion stage in the admission journey.

Categorize the student inquiry stage as per the discussion outcome.
Add remarks & feedback on each lead to confirm their next stage in the admission process. 
Engage interested leads to Walk-in at a convenient date & time. 
Consolidate & follow up lead data from the offline and online PRO (Public Relation Office) App.
Build a digital database of potential leads for your school. 
Understand the quantity, sources, and routes of inquiries with color codes in a report representing all phases of inquiry.

Admission Application

Schools may receive hundreds of applications for a particular session, but it is essential to examine each application to deter ineligible or non-committed candidates carefully. In this stage, further details of the candidate are collected through auto-form filling.

Collect student information by sending application form links via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp.
Collect application fees online via multiple payment modes.

Share the offline application form also & upload the same in the admission dashboard.
Customize your application form by editing the mandatory fields.
Pre-admission Examination & Registration

Shortlisting candidates that best fit your academic curriculum is essential as it benefits students to understand the school’s expectations regarding academic knowledge and abilities. The pre-admission exam allows schools to analyze the students’ potential who can cope with academic challenges and enables them to guide the students appropriately. 

Organize an online pre-admission exam or a face-to-face interview.
Declare exam results and send them through SMS, Email, or WhatsApp.
Notify parents of the present stage of admission.
Complete registration by auto form filling & collecting the registration fee online.

Team benefits



Access the centralized dashboard, and generate customized reports based on various parameters.



They can track inquiries and registrations offline or online and plan for maximum lead conversion.



The principal has centralized access to the admission dashboard for a specific branch.


Public relations officer

Fill lead data from their PRO App both offline and online.


Admission officer

He/she can collate data, generate multiple reports, publish day-wise reports, and assign tasks to drive the entire admissions process.



They are responsible for lead generation and the progress of admission activities for the organization, with access to admission analytical data and reports from all branches.



The director can access admission data and various reports at the organizational level, which will give detailed info on each branch for strategic decision-making.


Front office executive

They can handle inquiries and issue registration forms.

Additional features that accelerate your admission process

Mid-Year Joinin

There can be multiple reasons a student may take a break or couldn’t join a session on time. To cater to such special cases and facilitate students to continue their education at any time of the year, MyClassboard allows the admission processing of such students very smoothly.

Inter-Branch Transfers

In cases when students change their residence or wish to opt for a particular subject it is possible to transfer their school branch with appropriate transfer certificate generation. It carries forward the student’s details to start a new session at a branch from a similar institute. 

Staff/Sibling Concessions

MyClassboard facilitates schools to extend concessions to their students or staff for admitting their family members to the same school. 
Dynamic Form Creator

Schools can fill their dynamic needs with MyClassboard dynamic form creator, which allows them to customize their forms for specific student data collection. 
Real-Time Admission Tracking

Track the detailed status of every student’s application in real-time through the MyClassboard admission dashboard.


It is an effective method for managing admissions from any location is an online school admission system. With its systematic functions, it can increase admission enrollment and maintain end-to-end multiple admission activities in a simple and effective manner.

As a student or parent inquires about admission, the generated lead is recorded in the MCB dashboard, which is then followed by various automated tools integrated into the admission software. At a mutually feasible time, a follow-up meeting is scheduled. Remarks or feedback are maintained along with each lead after follow-up interaction. The team follows every lead systematically to ensure proper closure of the admission phase. 

Offline admission leads must be manually entered into the admission software through relevant information fields. These leads are then followed up similarly to online admission inquiries systematically.

MyClassboard admission system is a completely automated online platform that allows schools to request relevant documents from students at various stages of their admission process. As a lead enters a particular admission stage, an automated system triggers to send an online link for document uploads, where the student can upload requested documents in their respective digital formats.

The automated system of MyClassboard online school admission system allows schools to send online fee payment links to parents. Specific payment-related tool integration with the admission software allows schools to maintain a systematic process of online fee collection for any stage of their admission process.