A complete guide to choose the best ERP software for your school

A complete guide to choose the best ERP software for your school

Education is going through a massive digital reform, and it is speeding up because of the demands to study remotely due to the current pandemic. Physical schools have been irregularly opening. During this period, the best part has been online classes, which have kept the academic curriculum active and moving as per schedule.

Though the opening of physical schools has been difficult, schools have been alive and very active with the help of online classes, which has been possible with school ERP software. If your school has not implemented a school ERP software; and wants to know more about this high on-demand software? This article is a must-read. This article presents a complete guide on choosing the best school ERP software for a school. First, let us understand what exactly is a school ERP software.

What is school ERP software?

A school ERP software is a computer application to automate entire school activities. So, less time goes into doing administrative work and most time is spent in quality teaching.

The complete academic activity of the school is organized, automated, & streamlined for better productivity in teaching and learning. A school ERP software brings the best tools to study online so; education can continue from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of using a school ERP software

There are numerous benefits of using a school ERP software but, we list a few to convey its importance and how it will be a game-changer in improving school performance.

Live Classes: Online streaming of video lessons came very handy while schools were physically out of reach. Studies tell us that e-learning has a better retention rate among students when compared to traditional learning methods.

Automate administrative tasks: Schools have a lot of everyday dynamic tasks apart from regular teaching hours. A school ERP software allows schools to automate the administrative task. It reduces manual paperwork, lessens staff engagement, removes errors, & saves time.

Accessibility with desktop or mobile apps: A good school ERP software makes it possible to access its functions through a desktop application or even on a mobile app for better portability. So, staff, students, & parents have the ease to access the school portal from their mobile.

Data-driven: A school ERP software stays in a cloud network protected with the highest security. All the school data is present in a remote cloud location that is accessible anytime from anywhere. It is possible to access the school data offline apart from online access. Authorized access limits the chances of data thief and makes it completely safe to store student information with ease of mind.

Real-time communication: Communication is the biggest challenge for schools. As parents cannot visit their wards school every time, a reliable & constant communication channel between parent, school, & student addresses every issue promptly. For parents, it is possible to be involved in the schooling of their wards through a prompt notification on their school activities. A school ERP software makes it possible to integrate the best tools for messaging.

All in one staff management: School staff needs a dedicated platform to manage data in regards to their employment, attendance, leaves, & payroll. With a school ERP software, it is possible to integrate an HR Payroll application to manage the end-to-end activities of the school staff. It is hassle-free for school authorities and all the school staff too.

Creative learning resources: The education system is rapidly evolving with technology, which brings newer methods of learning that are creative, tests the critical understanding of students, and provides an immersive learning experience. A school ERP software provides the platform for creative learning resources that are easy to create, schedule, & share with several students for progressive learning.

The go-to guide to choosing the best school ERP software

So, knowing its benefits, it is a must to have a school ERP software for keeping up with the fast-paced requirements of the current academic curriculum. Here is a list of must-have features to look for while choosing a school ERP software.

Online classes: Study from anywhere or anytime with a school ERP software as it is possible to continue education no matter where the student is present. Powerful integration with an online video calling application allows schools to connect with the students for every academic activity. A feature that lets schools conduct online classes is foremost for school ERP software.

Classroom attendance: Recording attendance could waste a specific amount of time daily, but with school ERP software, biometric attendance is possible, and manual attendance could be of the past. Automatic attendance capture is a beneficial feature in a school ERP software.

Admissions: With admission software, the rush of school admission can streamline. Launch well-planned admission campaigns at the click of a button and guide students for a hassle-free admission process that is not manually taxing for your staff but an exciting phrase to welcome new students. Cater to prospective remote students with an online admission process.

Fee collection: Fee collection from hundreds of students is a challenging task. It is a time taking process prone to manual errors. The process can be transparent for authorities and parents by integrating digital payment gateways. Fee collection is possible at the click of a button, and it is a must-have for a complete digital experience.

Gradebook activities: A classroom activity involves not just teaching and learning, but lots of administrative tasks of scheduling assignments, planning lessons, noting feedback on student performance, correcting homework, etc. With automation, it’s possible to manage such tasks quickly. So, teaching time is not affected severely. Gradebook allow us to schedule and plan in advance to save precious school time.

Learning management software: A sophisticated school ERP software integrated with learning management software enriches the student learning experience. Such integrations allow them access to numerous content resource tools such as a content bank for referring diverse resources.

Communication: Keep parents in the loop regarding their kid’s performance with a prompt communication system. A reliable communication app is a must to look for in a school ERP software.

How MyClassboard school ERP software transforms your school

MyClassboard school ERP software is a leading application that provides end-to-end solutions for automating complete school activity. It has software for admission, grade book, communication, student information, transport, fee collection, HR&Payroll, & library management that is efficient to support thousands of schools. Innovative tool integrations such as video calling make learning through MyClassboard a productive experience. A customized plan and competitive pricing for a complete school ERP software make MyClassboard preferred by many schools for quality teaching. Reliable constant customer support is the best feature of MyClassboard. A significant amount of hard work goes into technical upgrades and improvisation in the software that makes it competitive. MyClassboard could be the best partner for a digital ride as it’s packed with some of the best-in-class technology innovations, serving thousands of schools for more than a decade.


A good start leads to a successful journey. Equipped with knowledge on the features to look out for in a school ERP software, schools can make the right decision to choose the software that suits their requirement and budget. MyClassboard could be the right fit for any school. Get more information about the application in a live demo with the experts.

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