How school transport management software can ease student ride?

How school transport management software can ease student ride?

The ease of travelling to and fro to school is an important deciding factor for students to join a school. Parents prefer schools with an efficient transport system to take their kids to school & share some responsibility in their busy schedules.

Schools must provide a reliable transport system for students to travel safely. The safety of school buses is of utmost importance, which schools can ensure with vehicle tracking software. MyClassboard is one of the leading school ERP software which offers reliable and efficient transport management software to ease the burden of schools, so they only focus on mentoring students.

What is transport management software?

A transport management software is an application to manage large fleets of school buses for a safe commute of students and staff. It has features that make commuting to school a joy ride without any safety concerns. It comes with sophisticated integrations to address concerns from every perspective. For example, integrating transport management software with a GPS tracking system allows the schools to receive the real-time location of the school bus, which is shared with parents to ease their concerns. The schools get the tool to manage every bus fleet remotely from a single platform for convenience, efficiency, & safe.

Quick Information bites

MyClassboard transport management software integrates with GPS tracking systems and works closely with GPS hardware, software, school ERP, and mobile apps. The communication is secured through layers of protection in MyClassboard networks and relays through the GPS tracking system, school ERP, & mobile app. A GPS tracking device is attached to the bus, or a mobile device transmits its GPS location from inside the bus for constant and reliable real-time location communication. The GPS data from the school bus goes to the central ERP software, which further provides information to connected mobile apps.

Features of a good school transport management software

A school transport system has a prime role in school management as many students rely on school buses to make their travel easy & safe after a hectic school day. An efficient transport management software can provide a one-stop solution for schools to manage their bus fleet bus details, its route, students and staff travelling in it, vehicle maintenance details, driver details, etc.

MyClassboard school transport management software

MyClassboard provides powerful school transport management software. MyClassboard school transport management software combines with the best of technology such as GPS tracking, RFID attendance tracking for world-class performance and safety of students. The software interphase is user-friendly to handle on the go by anyone. It provides a reliable solution for ensuring the utmost safety of students. MyClassboard school transport management software runs with a secure cloud network, trusted by thousands of schools. For more information, get on a live and online demo with our experts, who will clarify your doubts.

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