Top 3 School Fee Collection Software in India

Top 3 Fee Collection Software in India

There was a time when parents used to spend many hours in queues to pay their wards’ fee, however with transforming technology, the need for convenience and COVID-19, everything has rapidly taken a shift. Schools, of all sizes, are embracing technology and are giving school software a shot to smoothen and fasten their entire fee collection process online. With the increasing demand for online fee payment gateways, MyClassboard has gotten to prove the efficiency of the Fee Collection Software using which the fee collection and management can be made super-easy. Predicting the need for digital transactions and their benefits even before the COVID era, MyClassboard had already included the Fee Collection module in its versatile software. 

MyClassboard is one of India’s leading and most widely trusted software that provides an integrated payment gateway for educational institutions to pay the fee online from their mobile devices, desktops, tablets. Maintaining zero contact and amidst the currency crunch of the current scenario worldwide, schools are one of the most affected in this journey. 

We offer an online payment gateway for schools so they can use different payment modes such as debit card, credit card and other options that make payments seamless, while the services are being made available 24×7. It enables parents to make payment using Debit cards, Credit cards, and net banking. Many educational institutions have been using the online payment gateway to deal with the fee collections and are benefited with regard to transparency in accounts and data accuracy.   

Why you should pick a school Fee Collection software:  


Each schools’ operations have been varied and extensive nowadays. Staff workload has increased and has become more time-consuming, tedious and prone to human error. Thanks to technological advancement that has brought us a Fee Collection Solution as a part of School Management Software is helpful and leads to accurate operation.  

Schools can automate and streamline fees processes with the School Fees Management System. Staff can keep a real-time track of fees collection and due fees. You can generate various fee structures, customised reports, and fees receipts, and also send instant fee due alerts to parents. It is the safest and most straightforward way to manage all the fee payments, automate fees calculation, and also making the process more secure as it reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.  

When it comes to the features to look for in a reliable fee management software, you can talk to our experts to find out what’s new in Myclassboard’s fee collection module, one of India’s leading school management software.  

Features to consider while picking a Fee Collection Software for your school:


360 Degrees Fee Management

  • Ensure the Fee Management software corporates all types of fee structures followed by different boards worldwide.
  • Schedule fee collection dates & setup fees based on student category or class-wise in a few clicks.
  • Create approval for Staff and Sibling Concessions in order to avoid the tedious process involved in managing multiple fee heads.

Generate Custom Fee Receipts & Make Advance Fee Payments

  • Design your own fee receipt template or select one from existing templates.
  • View student and staff fee receipts from a single dashboard.
  • Generate invoices for all pre-scheduled fees like tuition fees, transport fees, hostel fees, and more.
  • Collect fees in advance for later use for transport fees, academic fees and others.

Fee Defaulter & Online Payment

  • Generate fee defaulters report and remind parents about the pending fees via SMS and email.
  • Collect fees online as we are integrated with reliable Payment Gateways available.

Generate Financial Reports

  • View collection & expense transactions under Transaction reports. 
  • Record your school’s everyday transactions by creating the custom categories.
  • Easily generate student wise & daily collection report, and also payment mode summary report.

Prompt Concessions & Calculation

  • Provide fixed/instant concessions along with late fees/fine collection.
  • Privileged employees based on their requirement can get Staff Concessions.

Top 3 School Management Software:


  1. MyClassboard: It’s one of the leading software for school management. Fee Management solution is one of the most sought after modules offered by MyClassboard. Decades of serving educational institutions have given us the opportunity to make our tools more efficient and flawless. Capable of handling multiple schools under a single organisation with ease. There are exclusive add-on modules for institutions that wish to micro-manage their school’s financial transactions better. Comes at pricing that is affordable for all sizes of schools.   

  1. Fedena: One of the competitive software for schools in the industry is Fedena. In addition to fee collection software, they provide a wide choice of modules to look over any school operation. Cloud-based software makes it feasible to use as no other software installation is required to use the Fedena school software. You can talk to their expert for customisation of their package, the pricing is on a more expensive end but does is appreciated by the users. 

  1. MyClassCampus: It’s another software to consider while looking for a Fee Collection software along with other school management system modules they provide to help operate schools in an efficient and organised manner. For a quote on the pricing and information, schools can connect with their team.   

If you are also looking to get integrated with online fee payment, simply get collaborated with MyClassboard to enjoy a hassle-free and unambiguous fee payment.  

All of the above software provide a demo to give you a better understanding of their pricing and features. Connect with Myclassboard experts for an online demo if you are in need of efficient Fee Management Software. 

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