How Parents pay School Fees in MyClassboard using Paytm Wallet?
What do you think of or what strikes your mind when we talk about fee collection in schools? You thought it right; parents standing in long queues and desperately waiting for their turn to pay the fee. Not only parents but the management as well working patiently to carry out the entire process ensuring no errors occur and wind off the procedure at the earliest. Despite many efforts by the school management, they finally end up in intricacy, dissatisfaction, and regret.
It’s high time parents are wasting their precious time in standing in the lengthy queues. It’s time to move with the fresh water and get acquainted with the practice of online payment. If you the parent are in a dilemma of how to go with one, you no longer be worried. MyClassboard has integrated with Paytm gateway payment and pilots Paytm Wallet to parents that enables them to pay the fee.
One might ask us how would a parent be benefitted by this? Paytm gateway is so simple that it is easily accessible by anyone. What if you don’t have a bank account of your own, you can still access Paytm using any of your friends’ bank account and easily sign up to Paytm. Unlike banks, transactions via Paytm is instantaneous.
The best feature of Paytm wallet is that it comes up with cash back offers to parents. These offers are often limited for a certain period of time and parents making fee payment during that particular period can avail the best cash back offers which are added back to their Paytm wallet.
Ever since the integration of Payment gateway with MyClassboard, many parents have actually tried the above and expressed their satisfaction that it was indeed helpful to them saving their time and fuel.
Here is a testimony of one such parent who paid school fees in MyClassboard using Paytm wallet. This is what he has to say, “Earlier, I spent long hours for Fee payment but after using Paytm wallet through MyClassboard, no more standing in queues by parents and no countless hours spent by the school as well. This is a wonderful application and would recommend all parents to pay their fee using Paytm wallet and save their precious time.”
Don’t you want to avail the services as well? Pay your ward’s fee in MyClassboard using Paytm wallet and enjoy the benefits. Here’s how you can do it!.
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