MyClassboard Customer Success Stories – Assignments in Ryan Schools
MyClassboard integration with Ryan Group of International Schools had always been a resonating success to us. Though there were stumbling blocks at the beginning barricading our journey to reach the destination, we soared with a thumping success marking the establishment of a stronger bond between Ryan Schools and MyClassboard. History always reprises with MyClassboard. Our previous success story with Ryan was a magnificent one with its own challenges that propelled us to create many success stories with our companion Ryan.
Of the many stories that hit the list, there are few that require consideration for proclamation. Our first success journey started with Fee Collection module by offering a satisfactory product that fostered our alliance. With this pushup, we took yet another step in the staircase to success. Ryan group’s requirement to eliminate school diary served as a stepping stone for us enabling MyClassboard to come up with a module that suits their requirement.
With the successful implementation of Digital Diary module, came another challenge or task to be performed; custom android mobile app and custom ios app for teachers, parents, and students. Bridging the gap between teachers and parents, enhancing interaction between them was the main motto behind this app. We accomplished the task by building a transparency using the module and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome that our mobile app has indeed increased communication between parents and teachers.
No sooner we finished with the challenge, came up another task which was tough yet innovative. This major challenge was sort of a constructive approach to us to build ourselves better for the challenges yet to face. The Ryan Group sought for a module which upholds all question papers required for examinations of all subjects and classes. Using this module, teachers can upload question papers online/offline and these worksheets are further shared with the students. Students can download these sheets and submit the physical copy later on. Initially while working on this module we had difficulty but it took no longer for us to deliver the final product as desired by the Ryan Schools.
The creative challenges from our ally’s end engineered us to be unprecedented towards any given task and arose the zeal to move forward without relenting. With the successful implementation of every module, came many challenges as hurdles but they could not bring down the fire in us to render our best services. Despite the struggles, challenges, and trials MyClassboard made a solid ground for it to stand on and set a benchmark that was too high for our competitors to reach.
It has been more than 3 years that MyClassboard is associated with Ryan Group of Institutions and ever since MyClassboard has made a significant contribution to the overall success of Ryan Group.
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