MyClassboard and Atom Payment Gateway

Collecting fee payments of students had always been a task for many schools using the traditional practices. The manual method of fee collection demanded endless paperwork, heavy workload and irreconcilable errors that made the entire process a chore activity. Apart from the concerns faced by the school administration, parents equally were victims spending most of their time in the lengthy queues at schools to pay their child’s fee which resulted in the frequent extension of working hours by the school management. Bogged down by the paper-based fee transaction process, there was a necessity for online fee payment module at schools to curb the intricacy and inadequacy.

Walking with the trend, schools started embracing online fee payment module to refrain from paperwork.This has further necessitated in the integration of a payment aggregator to ensure smooth fee collection process. This payment aggregator facilitates electronic transactions between schools and various banks across the country.

Atom payment gateway India is one such payment aggregator which facilities to accept payments online, on Mobile, on IVR & POS using a credit card, debit card, net banking, cash/prepaid cards and IMPS. It has been 2 successful years since MyClassboard is in integration with Atom payment gateway providing an aid to many schools with regard to online fee payment.

Atom gateway enables parents to make payment using Debit cards, Credit cards and net banking. While making a payment using his mobile phone or tablet or laptop through the fee collection module of MyClassboard, the Mode of Payment section directs them to a page powered by Atom. As Atom is integrated with all major banks, it directly takes the parent to these banks wherein he can select the bank to proceed with the payment.

Ever since our integration with Atom payment gateway we have been extending our services to all the clients in collaboration with MyClassboard. From our existing client list, a considerable number of clients have been using atom for fee collection module and are extremely satisfied with the aftermath result.

MyClassboard has witnessed an increase in the success rate for transaction across several schools ever since it was in collaboration with Atom. We have provided our software to many organizations and the integration time would not take more than 3 days to implement the process. For schools or organizations aiming for transparency in accounts with simultaneous accuracy, this is something we would certainly recommend.

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