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Best school management software in India

When there are too many options to choose from, it only gets difficult to choose. Among numerous school management software available in India, My Classboard is the best school management software in India that empowers more than 3k schools to automate their everyday operations efficiently. We have been providing ERP solutions to schools since 2008 across 500+ cities.

MyClassboard is a school management software that ensures efficiency in the day-to-day activities of the school, while simplifying processes for the management, staff as well as students. 

Why does My Classboard stand out from the rest?

One among many reasons why most of the schools prefer  My Classboard to other school management software is that it offers modern solutions driven by technology to problems related to educational institutes management. We automate your school operations with a customized all-in-one school management system.

Advanced Learning with My Classboard

My Classboard facilitates smart learning with advanced resources by leveraging technology. From flashcards to online classes and everything in between, we stay dedicated to impart knowledge without boundaries.

We believe in spreading the power of knowledge and making learning easy and fun for every kid beyond the limitations of distance and time. We try to ignite the passion for learning with interactive sessions with experts so that a child can explore the different avenues of the same topic. We help children find their best version and what they are good at or inspired by through

– Interactive Sessions
– Learner focused method
– Quality resources
– Scientific teaching plan

My Classboard is defying the boundaries and going beyond limitations to empower every kid with knowledge. It’s redefining the ways of imparting knowledge with the brilliance of technology. 

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Efficient and Trusted school management system operations



Catering schools with 30+ ERP modules to ease day-to-day operations



Accomplishing education with exceptional LMS features



Making expertise and high-quality content resources accessible to everyone

Powerful Built in School ERP & LSM Features

MyClassboard offers comprehensive educational ERP solutions to streamline, automate and simplify daily school activities. Each segment has multiple modules for each element of the school management system. From the hierarchy structure of the school to the school canteen menu, every module is remarkably developed for the ease of record-keeping.

40+ feature-rich modules

Cloud-based network offering accessibility anywhere and anytime

Multi-school management

Seamless implementation and user-friendly

Incredible data security

Role-based access

Franchise management

Live Dashboard for decision making

Activity logs and Illustrative reports

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