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Digital directory to facilitate systematic
student record maintenance

Restructure your student database for better efficiency.

Organize your school database structure for the highest productivity each day

Any organized activity is built on data, and schools are open to keeping their collection of student data to operate efficiently. However, maintaining their personal data and annual academic records might take much work. An organized database and workflow would help the smooth running of schools. That's where a (SIS) student information system assists in arranging the entire school database. Experience the convenience of a digital student database with 1600+ schools across India.

Student Information Management System

Utilise digitally produced unique enrollment codes to arrange student data. Easy to find and retrieve.

Automate the academic schedule for each section and class.

To manage class and section allocation, set a cap on class size.

For each class and section, make timetables and schedule exams.

Create a structure for the school that includes elementary, middle, high, and other levels.

Manage requests for internal transfers, special needs, and RTE without difficulty.

Student Account

Data Security

Student/Parent Portal

Encourage student discipline

  •  Keep track of disciplinary infractions and alert parents.
  •  Make student portfolios that list their accomplishments and
    disciplinary actions.
  •  To analyze a student’s behavior pattern, archive their
    disciplinary records.
  • Gather student information to produce disciplinary reports
  •  Establishing reporting forms, inquiry procedures, and
    questions as necessary will enable you to install anti bullying
    measures and establish investigations.

Our Module to boost your student database management

  • Student Council: Create an in house online voting platform for students to vote for their chosen
    student council members and class representative. Create announcements for polls, publish
    contesting students, create student voter identification, and declare results from a single platform.
  •  Certificates: Stop outsourcing any designing and printing activities. Create customized certificates
    with one click. Use our pre defined templates to generate certificates. Create No-Due, Income
    Tax, Transfer, Bonafide, and more certifications.
  • Alumni Management: The management of alumni provides a number of crucial functions. Thanks
    to our tailored software, schools will have a platform where alums may always share their
    opinions, ideas, and contacts to keep the relationship going. Additionally, they will feel like they
    are still actively involved in school because of their interactions with former classmates and

Choose MyClassboard Student Information System to avoid

Automated tools designed to care for
your entire student database.