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Online Examination Software

What is an online examination software and how is it useful for schools?

What is an online examination software and how is it useful for schools?

The education sector has come a long way with swiping changes in many aspects like online classes, learning resources, online exams, automation to bring the school community closer with faster information sharing, etc. The pandemic jolted our societies and made us realize that technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. The wise use of technology allows us to overcome difficult challenges, such as learning from a distance.
The online examination has been utilized to conduct competitive exams as it gives the advantage of handling exams for thousands of students simultaneously. In addition, checking OMR answer sheets faster in case of objective-type questions and publishing results quickly to conduct the entire examination activity within a tight schedule adds to its advantages.
Online examinations are possible with specific software that is built to feature all the requirements of an examination.

What is online examination software?

An online examination software is a computer application that allows schools, universities, colleges, & educational institutes to conduct online examinations for hundreds of students quickly and accurately.
An online examination application can be designed to conduct multiple assessments, objective type questions or a descriptive type format to suit the institute’s requirements.
An online examination brings a strict test interface that is more efficient than paper-based. Compared to an offline examination, an online examination is much more effective, faster, & productive. Most competitive exams have adapted to an online platform to conduct multiple exam sessions.
Let’s look at how it is helpful for schools to keep up with their busy academic schedule.

How are online examinations useful for schools?

An online examination is much more cost-effective than a paper-based one. A paper-based exam involves:
It leads to an increased overall cost of arranging an examination. But, at the same time, an online examination is cost-effective apart from just setting up computer systems, which can be used multiple times.
Organizing an online examination is less burdensome as schools need not handle the bulk of questions and answer sheets required in a paper-based exam. Even the answer sheet evaluation could be automated to be analyzed with the latest artificial intelligence technologies. It lessens the burden on the staff and teachers who can devote their time to teaching.
With artificial intelligence, evaluation and marking are faster. With more immediate evaluation, students can be intimated faster of their progress to make course corrections at the right time.
Additionally, an automated evaluation system promoting fairness at schools can reduce human error while evaluating and bias.
Since online examination software uses only a computer system, it promotes environment-friendly sentiments. One of the significant benefits of online exams is less or no use of paper. Storing examination-related documents in additional space is not required, making it one of the best advantages of online exams.
Online exam interface is protected with online surveillance, which is active only during the examination. It monitors the student and allows invigilators to check for any misconduct like cheating from the student. In addition, students are prevented from opening any browser to check answers online during an active exam session.
Also, question papers are protected through multiple layers of security, which prevents any question paper leak before the examination.
Online exams require internet availability for conducting the exam live. It makes online examinations accessible remotely. Students need not be in the classroom to attend exams, but they can do so from their homes with proper infrastructure. A comfortable ambience makes it stress-free for students to attempt exams, improving their productivity and result outcomes.
Since online exams are organized through the internet, schools can offer education and necessary assessments to students across the country. Online education and related examinations are the bridge between countries to share and spread intellectual knowledge.


Online examination was resourceful; however, the recent pandemic has magnified its usefulness. Online examination improves the productivity of schools and, at the same time, prepares students with a virtual exam interface. They are much more versed with the platform and can practice developing a strategy to complete time-bound competitive exams, which scrutinize them with multiple aspects. So, it becomes easy for them to attempt competitive exams for higher education once they lead the way in professional courses.
The benefit of insightful reports from online examination platforms makes it one of the strengths for the schools to improve their learning outcomes and prove their performance.

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