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Online Examination Software

Understanding how Online Examination Software can simplify hassles of paper-based exams

Understanding how Online Examination Software can simplify hassles of paper-based exams

Examinations are one of the essential activities in measuring knowledge acquisition and retention in students. The entire academic curriculum is planned to access students on multiple difficulty levels, formats, lessons, etc.
Examinations are not just crucial for accessing students’ understanding, but they develop motivation in students, competitiveness, constant zeal to improve, and responsibility for learning development.
Since technology development has allowed schools to operate digitally, examinations, too, have been adapted to go online. Online examinations are not new concepts though these have not been implemented for K12 academic examinations. Online examination software has been used for many competitive or professional examinations.
The software brings freedom as it optimizes the activities involved in paper-based examinations and simplifies the hassle of organizing, conducting, reviewing, & reporting the results of the examination.
The recent changes in our societies and technological improvements have allowed online examinations to be preferred as the primary format of examination compared to earlier standard ways of schooling in many educational institutions around the world. They have proven their advantage as being convenient, efficient, & reliable software to keep up with the fast-paced studies of the current academic curriculum.

What is an Online Examination Software?

It is a software application that allows educational institutions to create, schedule, conduct, & report examinations for students. Automation and online accessibility enable schools to design and conduct exams, assessments, quizzes, etc. remotely, and students can complete their exams, assessments, and quizzes at their convenient time remotely.
Online examination softwares is the way forward for complete digitization of schooling and enable academic curriculum even when schools are not working on-campus.

Advantages of online examination

A paper-based examination requires not just manual inputs. Still, it is a cost-intensive process as it involves printing multiple question papers and arranging answer sheets for hundreds of students. Online examination presents a digital solution which removes printing and answer sheet costs.
For a paper-based examination, students have to be present in an examination center or school, which is not a feasible option in certain situations. Physically present in an examination location concerns the health and safety of students and requires infrastructure arrangements, which all could be removed with online examinations. In addition, students can attempt exams remotely without traveling to school or far away examination centers.
The paper-based examination involves manual work as teachers need to create question papers, print, organize, and distribute answer sheets and question papers. While in the case of an online examination, teachers can manage entire exam creation, organization, & reporting through their portable mobile devices or tabs with the help of automation.
Since there is no waiting for the printing of question papers, online examination software is more time-efficient than paper-based examinations. Teachers can manage their time better by using a vast online library to create question papers on the go and schedule examinations.
The latest technology integrations allow schools to be able to create reports for various exam formats with ease. Intelligent applications quickly scan the answers and auto-generate marks as per the set algorithms.
The same report is shared in standard format online through email or an app, allowing easy viewing.
Organizing a paper-based examination requires schools to decide on appropriate seating arrangements, which would delay scheduling examinations. While in an online examination, sitting arrangements are not necessary, and hence scheduling exams can be easily done.

How does MyClassboard online examination module simplify paper-based examinations?

MyClassboard brings innovative application solutions to automate essential activities of the school. For example, MyClassboard online examination application is one of the important applications for remote school exam organizations.

A few of the essential features of MyClassboard online examination module are;
Globally, there are different standards for education gradings, and MyClassboard online examination module is designed to support multiple education grading requirements. CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), GPA (Grade Point Average), & ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) are a few of the grading standards followed in the MyClassboard online examination application. In addition, schools can apply a suitable grading system per their curriculum standards.
MyClassboard allows schools to customize their report cards according to their grading targets and institution requirements.
Schools can choose appropriate branding themes to set aside their school report cards from other schools.
MyClassboard online examination software lets schools easily handle examinations from anywhere at any time.
App-based automatic grading allows teachers to go through gradings from their portable mobile devices, which saves time and brings convenience to teachers to organize their workload.
MyClassboard online examination module is built with scientifically designed assessment solutions, which brings a uniform standard of education grading and knowledge retention through the platform.
Scientifically proven methods of assessment of students set high standards of examination for the schools.
MyClassboard presents a comprehensive question bank designed by renowned content partners in the education field. It helps schools to plan their examination question papers quickly.


An online examination software is a tool to simplify the tedious task of examination organization. Schools can implement online examination software for final year-end examinations, and regular classroom assignments, quizzes, project works, etc. It’s an excellent way to continue curriculum activities remotely without any disruptions.
MyClassboard presents a unique online examination platform, allowing schools to conduct examinations with superior content question banks, automatic scheduling, and app-based grading with multiple examination boards. Informing parents & students is easy with instant email and app notifications. It revolutionizes the way exams are conducted for next-gen students.

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