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Top Reasons to Invest in a School Management System

School Management System is a dynamic platform filled with multiple challenges in multiple schools, requiring just one solution! The administration is given the responsibility to carry out the necessary research and understand the software, features of each module and how it is in the school’s best interest.

List of 5 reasons on why using a school management software is no longer a luxury, but a necessity:

Automated School Administration: From the admission process to at-a-glance access to employee data, and their attendance status, to having restricted role-based access to across the board student records, school administration is noticeably well-organised with MCB Smart School. Any experienced educator today knows that strong administration results in a school’s smooth functioning – encouraging productivity, creating a suitable learning environment for students and a worry-free environment for staff.

Systematic Course Management: Teachers, students, and parents are now enabled to track scholastic and non-scholastic progress, to ensure that no child is left behind at any stage of the academic year. Educators no longer have to spend time calculating advanced scoring metrics as grades can now be produced automatically with our Report Card Software.

Restricted Data Access: MCB offers role-based restricted access in a multi-user environment. It is not only reliable for its accuracy but also for the secure transactions it offers, transparent and void of any fraudulent activities. permissions have quick and easy access to permissible student and staff data. We secure, store and manage students’ admissions, fee payments, exam dates, schedule updates and deliver timely information. This secure access to accurate statistics on students’ progress is to keep everyone vigilant.

Enable Success with Effective Parent-School Communication: With MCB Smart School, parents are closely involved in their child’s academic and overall performance with easy access to child’s anecdotes, grades, attendance, discipline and much more. Parents can closely monitor their child’s scholastic and co-scholastic performance, and make better decisions with the child’s best interest in mind.

Seamless and Secure Fee Management: Schools can now eliminate the manual and tedious fee collection processes involved in managing the school’s finances. Instead, use MCB’s automated software that is a cost-efficient fee collection module that can be segmented according to fee type. Schools can quit loss-making by viewing the fee defaulters count. This efficient module enables parents to pay fees online, on the go or from the comfort of their homes.

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