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Top 8 Benefits of Online Assessments

Purpose of an assessment is to monitor student learning, improve course efficiency, and enhance teaching and witness student progress.

Educational institutions are devoted to instiling learning and knowledge. Assessments play an important role in gauging how efficiently learners are receiving this knowledge imparted by instructors. It gives them an accurate understanding of where they stand academically amongst their peers, serving as a catalyst, making space for healthy competition, building positive reinforcement for learners while supporting them to perform better.

Besides closely monitoring and tracking student and class progress, assessments also help instructors set aims and objects for every semester/chapter and then determine how well the students’ received it.

Another significant role of an assessment is that it serves as a powerful feedback tool for the instructors to understand and improvise their teaching methods in accordance. Improvised teaching methods coupled with a well-developed assessment plan serves to improve academic programs and build the reputation of the school.

Shifting to Online Assessments:

In many educational institutions, technology has laid the foundation for online classes, assessments and exams. With students being tech-savvy and schools across the world realising the importance of online teaching and assessing as life-saving ways to keep the learning going and as essential actions with the convenience of smart devices, laptops and computers, these tasks can be performed at any time, anywhere

The shift from using the traditional assessment methods to online assessment tools are not only beneficial for student learning but advantageous for schools as well.

Advantages Of Online Assessments

1. The Flexibility of Location and Time

This is perhaps the most talked-about advantage of online assessments as it allows students the option to take the examination from the convenience of their homes while ensuring that teachers can evaluate the assessments remotely.

2. Reduced Workload

Online exams greatly reduce the administrative burden on the school, helping save the time and effort on the printing and distribution of exam papers, the setting up on examination centres and classrooms.

3. Easier Preparation, Marking and Moderating of Question Papers

The teacher can add questions to the online assessment from the existing Question Bank. The online assessment also makes evaluating, moderating and scoring the exam results a lot quicker, streamlined and standardised.

4. Quicker and Accurate Evaluations and Results

Online assessments are easier to evaluate, easier to mark, varied question types and multiple assessment options support for auto scorable questions. These methods ensure that the students receive their results a lot faster than the traditional methods. It also reduces the waiting period for the results which can be stressful for the students and parents alike. Teachers can make most of the immediate feedback and modify their teaching methods accordingly.

5. An Environment-Friendly Solution

Schools now have the golden opportunity to go paperless as all the examination related papers, printing and the transportation of the same is out of the picture.

6. Secure Solution

Safety and the security of the traditional school exam papers can be stressful for schools. However, with online assessments, schools can be assured of greater security as all exam responses, student data, examination and school results are digitally stored with restricted access to staff personnel.

7. Comprehensive Report Generation

An online assessment system with the help of a school management system (or within a school management system like MCB) makes it easy to generate reports. These reports can be smoothly customized according to the guidelines of the school to reflect the multitude parameters of the student performance.

8. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the key benefits of online assessments is that they greatly reduce the teacher workload, logistic and administrative costs linked with a traditional examination method.

What Are Some of The Types of Online Assessments?

MCB provides flexibility to add different types of questions such as Multiple Choice Questions,  Fill in the Blanks, True or False, Matching, Short & Long Essay type, Sorting and Comprehension Questions.
All these types play a significant role in helping the students’ recall, answer aptly, comprehend, determine and think critically. This gives an opportunity to teachers to measure the students’ level of understanding depending on which the program can be crafted. Reach out to MCB Team by clicking here and we’d be happy to help you with more information.

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