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Top 10 Reasons to Move Your School to a Cloud-Based ERP Software

MyClassboard has been providing quality school management software services to schools since 2009. With the experience and expertise in the industry, we have developed school ERP software application for international schools to help you to streamline the administration processes smoothly. This is how you can associate with us.
1) User-Friendly: Cloud-based ERP software solutions are more user-friendly and easily accessible to all authorized departments and people. One can access the cloud ERP software from anywhere and anytime equally on PC, iPhones, android devices and tablet PCs. No need to install the system for access, an internet connection should suffice and all data could be easily accessed.
2) Flexibility: Cloud-based ERP systems are flexible and scalable. It can be adapted to fit constantly changing business requirements and also giving you the flexibility to add more users.
3) Affordability: Cloud-based ERP software solutions is very affordable as you no longer have to manage your hardware and software. It doesn’t need any extra hardware device, rather the software vendor will provide all services of maintaining and updating the software. It eliminates maintenance costs and reduces electricity use.
4) Implementation: Implementation of Cloud ERP software solution just needs the internet and you could get the access to the cloud ERP software solution. The implementation process is not a lengthy and a heavy process and is managed and hosted by the vendor. No need to setup or install any hardware or software.
5) Security: Cloud computing gives you greater security because your data is stored in the cloud. In the case of system failure or disaster, you can still access the data as the data is stored in web servers with high-level encryption.
6) Work from anywhere: With cloud computing, you can work from wherever you are provided you’ve got an internet connection. Administrators, students, teachers and parents can access the data from anywhere through their mobile devices.
7) Data back-ups: Schools have a mammoth amount of data stored in the system and there is a chance of data loss. Even under worst conditions of a system crash, you no longer worry about losing the data as most cloud service providers backup their servers several times a day and provide an instance to offline storage.
8) Smaller Investment: The cloud-based ERP software reduces the initial investment as it does not need any servers, all a school needs is computers and good internet network. It does not require a dedicated IT team to work with. Hence, no dependency on IT resources is needed and it can be managed by any non-technical staff.
9) Automatic Updates: The cloud ERP systems are regularly updated by the service providers. You don’t have to waste your time in maintaining the system by yourself as the software and security updates are done automatically.
10) Time-saving: The cloud ERP software provides full automation of all the functions of school administration and helps in the effective running of the school. It eliminates the paperwork and facilitates paperless administration saving the precious time and resources of the institutes.
Have you not moved to the cloud yet? If you are considering to move your school ERP to the cloud and wondering how to do it, we have a solution for you and here it is.

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