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How to Teach in Classroom using Software?

The term “Technology” has been more widely in use in the field of education over the past few decades. Technology today has become an important ingredient in education with many schools adopting it to their curriculum. With the benefits aplenty, teachers have infused technology in the classroom through classroom software to improve their teaching and involve students into collaborative learning.
It should not be forgotten that teaching and technology go hand in hand. Technology for teachers is to improve their teaching skills and is as important as it is to students. With the use of classroom software, teachers or instructors can make classroom teaching more interesting by enabling active participation of students.
Teaching with technology using classroom software deepens student learning. There are many classroom software available that helps teachers to teach, however, teachers might be overwhelmed with the usage as few are not easy to comprehend. Teachers can not be expected to be tech-savvy hence teachers should be well-acquainted with the technology. Here are few classroom software used by the  teachers to improvise classroom learning
Presentation Software: The presentation software often used by teachers complements teaching and the use of power-point stimulates discussion among students and allows them to express their views.
Assessment Software: Assessment software allows students to complete tests and examinations using a computer. The software then scores each test transcript and outputs results for each student. This is typically used for online examinations.
Reference Software: This is another classroom software for teachers that can be used for common reference tools such as dictionaries, thesaurus, encyclopedias etc.
Digital Resources: Teaching in the digital classroom includes audio and visual education that not only guides the students but also infuses in them the knowledge required.
Online Library: It is one of the most widely used digital resource which gives information beyond class textbooks and enables learning from anywhere. Students can enhance their learning skills by using the digital resources even during the absence of teachers.
E-books: With classrooms getting digitalized, e-books have become the recent trend. They help the students to get in-depth knowledge of the subject with easy access to informative content.
Education Software: This software may be projected onto a large whiteboard at the front of the class and/or run simultaneously on a network of desktop computers in a classroom. This software is specifically intended to assist classroom teaching.
Classroom Management Software: Apart from teaching teachers do have other responsibilities to be performed that are equally important as teaching. This software is for doing such classroom management tasks like grade management, lesson planning, attendance taking etc.
Classroom software engages students and facilitate exciting and interesting lessons. Various tools of technology for classrooms like multimedia learning, mobile learning, flipped classrooms make teaching fruitful and imperative.
MyClassboard offers a classroom management software using which the basic chores like attendance, grade management, admission can be made very easy. Teachers can spend their precious time in imparting learning skills and knowledge in students than wasting on attendance taking and grade calculating.

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