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School Management Automation

The education system, in the near past, was plagued with a whole host of minor problems, predominantly plain tasks which would cut into the crucial time and effort of teachers who were hired in the first place to teach. At the crux of the matter was a whole lot of mundane clerical tasks that was causing havoc and with the advent of technology, it was a simple case of applying a software solution to this age old problem. This is the first step in the direction of achieving School Management Automation and this how you get your school/college Future Ready.
Thanks to school management software like MyClassboard. Schools and colleges across the country and other foreign locations are able to provide the maximum time for teachers and students to take part in actual knowledge transfer while the clerical works like marking attendance, filling up report cards, etc., are being done automatically by MyClassboard.

Salient Features of a good School Management Software

>>Comprehensive Administration: The traditional methods of maintaining the administrations of the school or college largely depended on not just a single person but a group of individuals from different departments, allowing for multiple chances of human error.  School Management Systems like MyClassboard can automate the entire process right from Admission Enquiries to the point the student graduates/leaves the school leaving no room for errors and as any experienced educator will attest, having a good governing administration is key to ensure smooth functioning of the school
>>Technology aided Schooling: Having an efficient school management software like MyClassboard can be a major boon for any school/college as now all stakeholders, students, parents, teachers, school administration are linked by open channels of communication.  Tasks like attendance management, report card printing, library management, transport management, fee collection, etc., can be conducted seamlessly keeping all the stakeholders informed of the developments at all times. This is by far the most logical approach to running a school.
>>Efficient Fee Management: A school is a great place of learning but the present day scenario prescribes that at the center of the storm any school or college is basically a business and as any business importance of cash flow cannot be overstated.
Encompassing all the forms of payments collectible and deductible all the while keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest governmental policy changes is not a simple feat, especially in India where there is so much uncertainty (Demonetization) involved.
Hence a school management software solution like MyClassboard is the thing you need to manage your books and keep you updated with comprehensive snapshots and reports.
>>Individual Attention: A student’s overall progress will be highly benefited from undivided attention from teachers and parents but this is not possible in today’s day and age when everyone has so much to do.
By helping the teachers complete the clerical aspects of their jobs, it is possible to enable teachers to allocate more time to concentrate on student performance. Also owing to the fact that technology is bridging the gap between teachers and parents, the parents can now be informed of all the happenings in the school like individual feedback, reports, homework and other assignments.
Once the parents are also properly informed of their duties, they will also make the effort and provide the right environment for the student to flourish
Such and many more benefits of automating school management are brought to you by MyClassboard. So, what are you waiting for? Signup today and become future ready!

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