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School ERP Software for International Schools in India

Every school needs a school management software that manages the complex activities in schools. When it comes to international schools, the needs and requirements of the school may vary from the other schools. All an international school needs is a multipurpose school ERP software that comprises several modules and facilitates the functioning of all departments of an educational institute like administration, fees, attendance, library, transport, HR & Payroll etc.
In any international school, managing and handling the activities of schools manually is considered to be a tedious task. Each and every department is important and requires equal attention. To ensure the proper functioning of a school, all it takes is to efficiently handle all the departments, as a school is no less than an MNC. Under such obligation, a school ERP application can help you in not only to streamline every activity on administration and academic side but also employs a wide range of information required at any organizational level.
Currently, school ERP software is on the rise extending a supporting hand to the schools in managing the school activities. The latest school ERP software available these days helps the institute to manage students, teachers, employees and all the system in running the institute efficiently. This is how international schools in India are operating using latest school ERP software.
Students Management:
The ERP software helps to record and maintain all information related to the student all in one place. It provides a complete database that secures the data of all the students across the school with a transparency.
Employees/Teachers Management:
All the data related to employees, their details, payroll management, salary generation, leaves, etc., can be stored and retrieved using a school ERP application. Information on human resource data like staff recruitment, staff enrollments, staff payroll, staff leaves management can be maintained using the ERP software application.
Time Table Management:
The school management can schedule the timetable effortlessly for each class and teacher daily or weekly or monthly basis which can be changed and modified when needed. This module sets up the daily classroom schedules, upcoming events, and holiday notifications.
Academic Management:
The entire academic history of students is maintained using this module. The grades and performance review of students can also be displayed for the feasibility of parents. A graph representation of the individual on their academics using this module helps parents and teachers to assess the improvement in their educational skills.
Attendance Management:
The software can be integrated with biometrics to track the attendance of students and staff, in and out time of students/teachers, employee total work duration, etc., with minimum effort. Staff payroll can be automatically generated by coupling the biometrics to HR & Payroll of the school.
Finance Management:
For many educational institutes, managing finance department had always been a task. With school ERP solution, fee management becomes hassle-free and effortless. The fee management module activates online fee payment gateway for parents to pay the fees. Other fee categories like transport fee, picnic fee, hostel fee, customized fee plans, concession management, miscellaneous fee and more will be taken care of.
Messaging System:
An integrated school ERP software regulates a messaging system where school management can communicate instantly with parents on a regular basis. This SMS feature sends timely alerts to parents regarding the student attendance, fee payment, academic progress, important notices and other events.
Library Management:
The school management can manage the information of the book, maintain a complete record of books issued and returned using the library module. All library-related activities are tracked efficiently using this module.
Transport Management:
This is one of the most effective features that any institute can provide to the parents using an ERP application. The ERP software provides a complete core solution for many of the concerns that parents face regarding the transport. The bus routes and stops, student transport data, transport attendance, transport expenses, GPS tracking and vehicle details are made available up to date using this module.
Parent-Teacher Collaboration:
Communication between parents and teachers is one prominent thing that contributes to the progress of the student. The ERP software offers a communication platform that reconciles the gap between parents and teachers by regular alerts.
MyClassboard has been providing quality school management software services to schools since 2009. With the experience and expertise in the industry, we have developed school ERP software application for international schools to help you to streamline the administration processes smoothly. This is how you can associate with us.

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