School Communication Management Software

With growing number of busy parents who are working and  who want to know what’s going on in the class and how their children are performing, and who want to give feedback to teachers in a way that’s accessible to them; all these factors constitute towards building a school communication management software that enables communication and collaboration between teachers and busy parents.

It is a known fact that nowadays, the education of a child demands constant attention of the parents and improved parent engagement enhances the child growth. Above all, effective communication between parents and teachers ensures the physical, psychological, educational and societal development of students. A school communication management software is the need of the hour to establish and guarantee improved communication between parents and teachers, teachers and students.

The school communication management software commissioned by MyClassboard is an effective and easy messenger tool that acts as a connecting bridge and also as a reminder system for parents and students, making communication easier and better. The school messenger tool comes up with several modules that use communication channels to reach parents and students on a regular basis and ensure a smooth running of a school.

Send SMS: Starting with the SMS which is integrated with all modules, teachers can send an SMS for any events like holidays, parent-teacher meeting, staff meeting etc., and intimate parents about special days and activities in schools.

Intranet Emails: The school messenger software has an inbuilt communication that works along the lines of traditional email service. This intranet email service helps parents or teachers to further communicate with each other by sending emails. Any group discussions or group meetings can also be incentivized using this component.

Virtual School Notice Board: Any sudden announcements that your school has to make targeting a specific group of the audience or the entire school can be effectively done using our Virtual School Notice Board. Create announcements and display the same as per the requirement of the information to be passed on.

Upload Event Photos: You can also upload photos of special events like Annual Day, Sports Day, Excursion etc., using our school communication management software. This provides a platform for schools to upload pictures by not missing out on any memorable events.

Digital Diary: The best feature of school communication management software empowered by MyClassboard is “Digital Diary”, using which all the information related to assignments or homework will be directly uploaded to the app. Parents and students can access this module which keeps them updated with the classroom activities. Parents now don’t have to wait for their children to get their diaries to check the assignment or homework to be done.

The school communication management software helps in integrating the communication between teachers, students, and parents and ensures timely sharing of information further enhancing the relationship between teachers and parents.

The benefits of school communication management software are that it ensures the effectiveness of communication, it reduces communication budget as you can save on bulk SMS, paper costs and printing, managing school diary and other communication software maintenance. This software can be collaborated over mobile using Android app, and teachers can create classes assignments and manage the messaging between students and teachers, and parents and teachers.

Wanna say goodbye to paper-based administration and provide an easy and convenient way for parents to communicate with teachers on smartphones? Try our software demo.

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