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Post Demonetization, School ERPs become Very Affordable

Demonetization – The most popular and enchanted terminology that shook the entire nation drawing various responses from people across the country. However, it was a laudable and historic effort to clean up the decades-long corruption and black money. With its equal share of pros and cons, demonetization had an intense impact on many firms and organizations. Not leaving the educational sector behind, demonetization influenced schools alike to contribute their part in achieving digital economy.
When considering the demonetization effects on educational stream, post demonetization school ERPs have become inevitable. Due to the serious currency crunch, parents had huge difficulty in paying their ward’s fee and anticipated for online fee payment. There were enquiries from the parent’s end for an online payment gateway that would assist them in safe and secure payment online.
For schools that were already using a school ERP like MyClassboard, fee payment was no more an issue or concern. In fact, schools have witnessed a drastic change with many parents choosing online payment through the service offered by school management software. But, for those schools that are still using the traditional methods for fee collection and yet to adopt a school software, started opting for a school ERP software to curb the daunting effect.
Schools started embracing online fee payment module to refrain from paperwork. This has further necessitated in the integration of a payment aggregator to ensure smooth fee collection process. This payment aggregator facilitates electronic transactions between schools and various banks across the country.
Having tried the online fee payment module as incorporated by schools to their systems, many parents and staff expressed their content with the new process. With the series of positive feedback from the parents and staff alike, schools started enquiring for a school ERP software that not only administers online fee payment but also manages the daily functions of the school with efficacy.
With the increasing demand for online fee payment portals in many schools, school ERPs were on the rise becoming the most sought after products in the market. MyClassboard was one among those products on demand for its online fee payment module already inculcated in its software. We proudly claim that the integrated online fee payment module endorsed by MyClassboard had relieved the pressure on school management and parents, amidst the monetary hiccups then.
Continuing with the trend, MyClassboard has not relented from rendering its best-in-class services. MyClassboard was and still is the most widely used school management software irrespective of the strong tides.

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