Parent-Teacher Engagement Through Technology
In a way, schools are a business, they provide service rather than products and parents are their customers. Schools compete with other schools in terms of achievement and productivity, hence it is very important for them to survive this competition by offering best-in-class facilities and attracting pupils. Improved parent-teacher engagement on a continuous basis is the key component that contributes towards the productivity of the institution.
Over the past decades till date, there would be no instance where parents wouldn’t want to know what’s going on in the class, other classroom activities and how their children are performing. There were times and still are when parents wanted to give feedback to teachers in a way that’s accessible to them. Considering the need to engage parents, schools anticipated for a communication channel through which there can be a constant and uninterrupted interaction between the schools and parents.
The emerging trends in technology have paved a concrete path for schools to enable effective participation of parents in the child’s development using school management software as a medium. MyClassboard is a perfect school management software, that establishes and guarantees improved communication between parents and teachers using its school messenger module.
When talking about communication between parents and teachers through technology, what one presumes it as communication through emails, phone calls, newsletters, etc. These surely are a part of the technology, but with the pace with which technology is advancing these days, there was the inception of many new tools that took communication a step ahead.
With smart technology reigning the world, there is no doubt one would have it vibrating in their pockets. Parents want to hear about their child’s academic performance and expect this information to be communicated to them regularly and early. The technology-based mobile apps enable the school management to do so in an easy and convenient manner improving the parent-teacher engagement.
Walking with the trends, the MyClassboard provides an accessibility to parents whereby, they can simply view the online websites to get daily updates about their children’s academics, attendance, homework and other school related activities. These online communications are more convenient for parents as they do not have to do a phone call or attend a conference interrupting their work.
Identifying the need for an instant communication that can be worked easily through an SMS, MyClassboard offers the SMS service where teachers can send an SMS for any events like holidays, important notices, child’s academic progress, attendance etc., and also intimate parents about special days and activities in schools.
It is a known fact that we are currently living in a busy world, where everyone is engaged with their own works including parents. In such scenario, it is often a difficult task for parents to take time out of their busy schedule and meet the school management to discuss the child’s development.
For those parents willing to communicate with teachers face-to-face but can’t do it for many reasons like time and space constraints, live chats are the most considerable option. Parents and teachers can communicate live through video conferences, skype or google hangouts and work together for the child’s progress. This works like the conventional face-to-face meeting and saves the time and resources and improves parent-teacher engagement.
MyClassboard creates a platform that enhances the engagement of parents to get in collaboration with the schools and teachers.
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