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Online Assessments to Keep Students’ Progress In Check

During these uncertain times, schools can take assessments online with Online Assessment tool. Online Assessment tool enables schools to find out whether the students are making the most out of their learning. Assessments significantly help in gauging students’ knowledge and improvising teaching methods for enhanced student learning. The assessment tool is the systematic process of assessing and documenting students’ learning for a given subject.

Features of Online Assessments to Help Schools:

Summative and Formative Assessments

Conduct FA to gauge student learning before the final SA.

Time-Based & Self-Paced Assessments

Conduct time-based or self-paced assessments for students to take anywhere.

Central Question Bank Management

Smoothly add questions to the online assessments from the question bank.

Subject-Wise Assessments

Conduct assessments for all subjects or a specific subject.

Set Weightage

Set weightage for questions and set also the exam questionnaire

Set Negative Marking

To make your assessment more challenging, set negative marking for every incorrect answer.

Assign Assessments

Exams can be assigned class-wise, group-wise, and student wise.

Upload Image to Answer

Students can upload an image of the written answer or just type the answer text along with pictures and web links.

Constructive Feedback is the Way-To-Go

Instructors can give constructive feedback to the submitted answers using text and annotations.

Shared Workload

While the Assessments feature shares instructors’ workload by scanning answers for plagiarism, the integrated Grammarly tool checks and gives a report on spellings and grammatical errors.

Analyse Performance

Analyze student Grades and performance with just a few clicks.

Publish Results

You can publish results instantly or on a scheduled date.


Allow a student to re-attempt an assessment if required.

Reach out via SMS

Send SMS to students who haven’t attempted the exam.

Language Flexibility

Conduct various assessments in any language.

Conduct Specialised Assessments

For students with different learning abilities.

Intuitive Interface

Helps students to answer in any order convenient while displaying the attempted, not attempted, unanswered, and not visited questions just so they are not skipped by accident.

Lock Exams

Exams get locked after a specified date or time.

Learning from Mistakes

Students can review answer sheets once evaluated

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