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How To Obtain CBSE License? Part-II

Case Study II: CBSE Affiliation for an already existing School
If the school is already existing and is willing to apply for affiliation to CBSE, it should follow the below instructions and procedures.
Requirements: As mentioned, only a few schools are eligible for CBSE affiliation. Schools run by the Government or Government aided schools, Schools run by autonomous organizations under the Government like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), Central Tibetan Schools Organization (CTSO), Sainik Schools Society etc., Schools run by Government Department directly like Defence, Railways etc., Schools managed directly by Public Sector Undertakings or by reputed societies of Public Sector Undertakings, Private and unaided schools. For CBSE Affiliation Site Please Click Here:
CBSE Affiliation  For any school to receive CBSE Affiliation the process is done in stages. Types of Affiliation: There are three types of affiliations provided by the CBSE Board.
Provisional Affiliations
Regular Affiliations
Permanent Affiliations
CBSE provides 3 kinds of affiliation for the following reasons
  • For approval of Middle-Class Syllabus or additional subjects, if your school is already affiliated.
  • For upgrading your school to senior or senior secondary level.
  • For extension of Provisional Affiliation up to Secondary / Senior Secondary level.
Provisional Affiliations: The Provisional Affiliations are granted to the institutions for a span of three years, provided they strictly adhered to the norms and conditions of the Bye-laws of the Board. In the case of Private schools, affiliation is provided in stages. Provisional affiliation is provided for I-VI classes with a set of prescribed guidelines by the board.
Regular Affiliations: The Regular Affiliations are granted only to the Government and Government aided institutions, who are fulfilling the Bye-laws perfectly. This is granted at one time and there would not be any need for these institutions to apply for the extension. However, they would be asked to remit the annual fee, as prescribed in the By-laws.
Permanent Affiliations: The Permanent Affiliation is rendered for Public Undertakings, Private Institutions, schools recognized by the state governments, etc. CBSE also provides such affiliation to the schools, which are provisionally affiliated to the board for more than 10 years, standing by the Bye-laws all the time.
Affiliation Bye-laws The Bye-laws include many standard features, which has to be satisfied by the institutions that are requesting the affiliations from the board. Such features are described as follows: Instructions and Procedure for Online Application:
Infrastructure facilities:
  • The schools must have about 2 acres or as otherwise permitted measurement of land and a building constructed on a part of land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land.
  • The land should be owned by the schools or the society which is running the school. If the land is taken on the lease it should be for a minimum period of 30 years.
  • The institutions should have proper facilities commensurate with its requirement and should provide minimum floor space of 1 sq. mtr. per student in the classroom.
  • The institutions must have a library with a minimum size of 14m X 8m, fully equipped with quality reading facilities, cleanliness, etc.
  • The classrooms must have a minimum size of 8m X 6m (approximately 500. sq. ft.).
  • Provisions for quality Math lab and Computer lab. The school should have at least 1 computer lab with a minimum of 10 computers or computer students’ ratio of 1:20 and internet connection.
  • Provisions for well equipped Science lab with a minimum capacity of 9m. X 6m. There must be separate Science labs for senior secondary standards, i.e. separate lab for physics, chemistry and biology and the availability of composite Science lab for secondary levels.
  • The school should have a well equipped and spacious library with a minimum of 1500 books and at least 15 magazines. Also, the school should maintain pupil book ratio of 1:5.
General features:
  • Proper office maintenance, proper maintenance of admission and withdrawal registers.
  • Excellent maintenance of service records of the teachers.
  • Proper admission procedures for teachers according to the pay scales, flawless delivery of allowances, DA, etc.
Quality of Education:
  • The schools that are seeking the permanent affiliation must follow the Bye-laws of the board in implementing the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) based education system till VIII standards; no provisions of home works till II standards, proper maintenance of internal assessments and academic records.
  • The average result of the school for the last three years must not be less than the prescribed Board’s average in the X and XII examinations.
Apply for Affiliation Register: After selecting the required affiliation for your school, you can visit the CBSE’s official website and apply for affiliation by filling the online form available. Essential Documents: It is essential to attach the following set of documents with your application form:
  • A copy of Registration letter of the Society, under Society Registration Act.
  • Land Certificate from concerned authority.
  • Affidavit of Non- Proprietary Character of society.
  • NOC letter from the Education Department of the state. The NOC (no-objection certificate) rule, which was revoked in the year 2013, has now been brought back by the CBSE for all the schools seeking affiliation. CBSE brings NOC rule back:
  • Schools are requested to remit prescribed fee through a system generated e-challan at any branches of HDFC Bank or through NEFT/RTGS through branches of any nationalized or scheduled banks. Affiliation Fee keeps on changing from year to year. HDFC Branch Locator All Over India:
  • After taking the printout of confirmation page of online application form, the same duly signed by the Principal and Manager of the school along with the enclosures and CBSE copy of fee payment challan shall be sent to the Board.
For schools already affiliated with CBSE and looking to apply for Extension of Provisional Affiliation shall submit the following scanned copies:
  • Scanned copy of Reserve Fund maintained as per norms.
  • Scanned copy of EPF code No. allotted by the EPF department.
  • Scanned copy of Affidavit to the effect that the school is not sponsoring candidates for Board’s Examination of any other School/Branch, which is not affiliated to the Board.
Fee Structure
  • The fee structure depends on the type of affiliation and type of school (govt., private, aided etc.) Given below is the fee structure in respect of Private Schools:
  • For approval of Middle-Class syllabus: Rs.25,000/-
  • For provisional affiliation for secondary classes: Rs. 75,000/- or Rs.50, 000/- (if already affiliated upto Middle-Class)
  • For upgrading to Senior Secondary level: Rs.50,000/- or Rs. 1,25,000/- (If switch over from other Board)
  • For addition of subject: Rs.5,000/- per subject (Science subject) or Rs.3,000/- (Other subjects)
  • For extension of provisional affiliation: Rs.25,000/-
The fee is to be submitted by Demand Draft drawn in favor of Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.
The affiliation by-laws clearly mention that simply submitting the application for affiliation doesn’t confer any right to the school to presume that affiliation has been granted. All the essentialities mentioned above has to be fulfilled, in case any school failing to fulfill any of these will lead to rejection of affiliation.
Getting a CBSE certificate alone is not sufficient to run a school. To become the most trusted school aims at providing quality education to students, state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes well-equipped and modern classrooms, laboratories, computer center. The school should ensure the overall growth and development of the pupil and inspire and help them to be most successful in all their endeavors of life.

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