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MyClassboard online learning management software to simplify online classes

MyClassboard online learning management software to simplify online classes

The current pandemic has created havoc around the world and disrupted life everywhere. Education has been similarly affected by schools closing abruptly, uncertainties looming over exams, and specific exams postponed or suspended.

It is a tough time everywhere, causing unprecedented damage. Schools have been scrambling to adapt to online classes with the help of online learning management software.

MyClassboard is a leading school management software that is already providing its world-class services to reputed schools in India & abroad.

Years of serving the education sector with its innovative technology and constant upgrade to suit changing requirements, Myclassboard has now consolidated its platform for the next phase of education. As soon as the pandemic hit the nation, Myclassboard acted quickly, sensing the direction and integrated industry-best video conferencing applications for the ease of schools to provide uninterrupted schooling to their students.

Online classes through MyClassboard come with tremendous benefits to conduct distant schooling from anywhere. Its online learning management software works with school management software.

How you can conduct online classes in MyClassboard

MyClassboard has three great tools to provide high-quality video classes all through a single MyClassboard login credential.

Some of the benefits associated with using these platforms for online classes from MyClassboard are;

Here is our one of our blog which describes how schools can efficiently utilize school management software for great online learning:

Other MyClassboard online learning management software features to support & enhance online classes;

Online Assignments & Online Exams: It’s a tool to supplement the daily activities of online classes. Since online classes bring a massive challenge to learning, Online assessments are helpful to set targets and expectations for the student. They are engaged and motivated to keep learning even without the physical presence of their teachers and classmates. These are a few of the best tools to use for successful online learning. MyClassboard automated and intelligent software comes in handy for the teachers to plan, set question papers, choose exam patterns, & check results with the help of MyClassboard innovative software.

Content Bank: While students are learning through online classes, they can explore various resources online and what is better than MyClassboard Content Bank. The content bank has world-class resources and eBooks, video content to supplement the knowledge of students. It’s helpful while the teachers are away and promote self-learning among kids.

Gradebook: MyClassboard learning management software; is integrated with school management software to bring a seamless schooling experience. It manages daily schooling activities such as attendance. When used with Online classes, teachers can maintain a proper record of students and give feedback on their learning performance.

Communication: A prompt notification to students, teachers, & parents significantly impacts good performance. MyClassboard provides a smooth channel for constant updates and messages, so nothing goes amiss regarding class timetable, class curriculum, exam reports, and various other activities at school.

To bring a similar experience for your school, talk to our experts to find out how MyClassboard can help you upgrade your school from traditional teaching to innovative learning with our advanced learning management software.

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